LoL players plead for Nexus Blitz return after poor Arena experience

Liam Ho
Nexus Blitz Art

League of Legends players have asked to see Nexus Blitz return after having a poor experience with their champions in the new Arena mode.

League of Legends‘ newest game mode has been a huge success for its players. The new 2v2v2v2 mode Arena has swept the game by storm with many hopping in to give it a go. Players are grouped in teams of two and face off against other pairs in several rounds. These rounds take place in different arenas, with the losing team taking damage to their shared health pool.

Like in the wildly popular Teamfight Tactics, the last pair standing in Arena takes home the victory. Players are also offered augments like in TFT, which provide some unique variations and insane alterations to gameplay.

Despite the mode’s success, there has been a bit of contention between the mode and the champions in League. Arena isn’t quite the same as League, for example, there are no towers or minions or nexus to destroy, instead, players just need to slay one another to ensure victory. This has caused quite the meta to sprout since the release of the mode, which has left some players longing for an older mode instead.

LoL players request the return of Nexus Blitz after Arena meta arises

League players have expressed their frustration with the current meta, stating that champions like “Mundo / Heimer / Taric / Singed / Illaoi / Jax,” have taken over the mode. One player then compared Arena to the mode of Nexus Blitz.

“I love Nexus Blitz because it’s like ARAM but I can pick my champ. Nonstop fighting, a bit of laning, fun minigames, and great for just practicing mechanics too if I don’t feel like SR. I thought Arena would scratch that itch, but guess what? My mains are Ezreal and some Katarina. Both in the bottom 7 champs,” the post states.

Nexus Blitz was Riot’s original plan for a new permanent game mode. The more casual 5v5 hosted mini-games and even walking Nexus’ that would fight one another. The mode was more akin to League, with a jungle and two lanes for players to fight in. This allowed almost all champions to flourish in their own way, as the game had more objectives to play around.

This was made even more apparent when champions like Yorick who relied on slaying minions would basically be useless in Arena, as they weren’t able to summon their ghouls.

Yorick Splash Art
Yorick’s reliance on slaying minions made him incredibly weak until Riot buffed him.

The post ends with the player pleading with the devs to bring back Nexus Blitz permanently, stating that Arena isn’t fun with the current meta.

“I just want a game mode where I can perma fight and choose my champ. Arena is not fun when your champs can’t do any damage to the tanks and bruisers that make up 90% of games. Nexus Blitz let me play my champs every game to great success, and should come back and be permanent.”

With the mode being fully released it’s unlikely Riot would bring back Nexus Blitz to replace Arena, rather just to stand alongside it. To that point, devs have indeed promised the mode would see a return sometime in the near future, so here’s to wishful thinking.