LoL player shows true power of Neeko rework by backdooring as a ranged minion

Liam Ho
Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko

A League of Legends player has showcased the true power of Neeko’s rework by displaying them backdooring the enemy base as a ranged minion.

Riot’s MOBA League of Legends has one of the largest rosters of characters available. With over 160 champions and counting within the game, there’s bound to be a playstyle for everyone. With the numerous number of champions within the game, it’s easy for certain characters to be overlooked, with older or less popular champs being left behind. Fortunately, that’s where the recent mid-scope reworks have been coming in.

League of Legends’ most recent rework has been to Neeko, which gave her passive a hefty buff. Neeko is now able to transform into almost anything she wants, provided that it’s either neutral or allied to her. This can include minions and jungle camps, making for some rather unique plays.

One such unique play was made by the Reddit user MellowShriek, who showcased the power of Neeko’s new transformative rework.

LoL player infiltrates enemy base as ranged minion

MellowShriek was nearing the end of their match. With an enemy nexus left wide open, their Sion had their eyes on the prize, ulting directly at the enemy base. Unfortunately, Sion was no match for the enemy team and wasn’t quite able to finish off the base before he perished.

Luckily, Mellow had other plans. Disguising themselves as an allied range minion, they set off on a quest for the enemy base. Narrowly escaping detection from the enemy team and dodging the nearby farming Fizz, they were able to breach the enemy base and get the last two autos in for the victory.

Neeko has been quite the buzz for players recently, with many players trying her out in the jungle. And whilst her win rate has dipped a bit due to the overwhelming amount of fun she is, it seems the cheeky chameleon’s rework has been a resounding success.

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