LoL players call for a full revert for Rek’Sai changes after new rework falls short

Liam Ho
Blackfrost RekSai Splash Art

League of Legends players are calling for a full revert to jungler Rek’Sai after their mini-rework in Patch 14.4 fell short.

League of Legends developer Riot Games has a tough task on their hands when it comes to balancing the game. With over 160 champions, all with unique abilities, builds and more, the MOBA is constantly held in a fragile state of balance, where any minor change could drastically shift the game as we know it.

On top of that Riot needs to ensure that all champions are able to be viably played, catering to the wide audience of LoL. This means buffing champions when they end up on the weaker side, or even reworking them if they deem necessary.

That’s exactly what happened to jungler Rek’Sai in Patch 14.4, with a minor rework that shifted their power. Unfortunately, it seems players are not keen on the revamp, calling for a full revert after the changes fell short.

LoL players call for Rek’Sai revert after Patch 14.4 rework falls short

Ex-pro player Meteos spoke out about how the new Rek’Sai feels like she’s “not worth picking” at the moment.

“This champion is complete dogsh*t, would really prefer a full revert to the 14.4 changes. W not having a slow after the knockup makes it much worse than it was before. E not doing true damage is criminal. R does negative damage. That’s not even considering her bugs, def not worth picking atm”

The rework saw the champion receive more power in their CC and mobility, with nerfs to their damage across the board. While it’s likely this was supposed to prevent the champion from running rampant, it seems to have had the complete opposite effect.

“Agreed damage is completely crap.” another player agreed.

“R damage HAS to be true damage, it’s a huge part of her power budget. Riot killed so much of her kit that I’m hoping they honestly hotfix buff her.” one player begged.

There are already buffs slated for Rek’Sai coming in Patch 14.5, with Riot hoping to bring her power up without breaking the champion, but players will need to wait some time before the new patch hits live.

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