Neeko’s win rate plummets after LoL rework due to players having “too much fun”

Carver Fisher
neeko LoL rework players having too much fun

Neeko’s rework was much anticipated after its announcement, but her win rate has nosedived despite her seeming to get a hefty set of buffs. Players suspect this is due to how fun she is and players being more concerned with having a good time than winning.

League of Legends players were cooking up unique strategies with Neeko’s rework before she even came out, speculating on all the ways they could use her passive to get the drop on other players.

From disguising herself as a minion and backdooring to turning into an extra raptor, to even turning into a jungle plant and sitting still, players have gotten very inventive with her passive.

That said, being inventive with her passive hasn’t equated to a higher win rate. Her overall win rate has plummeted, and players believe this may be because they’re having too much fun with the champion.

Neeko’s LoL rework makes her a “hilarious” champion to play

Before her rework, disguising herself as allied champions was the extent of her passive. It was a fun little gimmick that players were rarely able to take advantage of, but people really liked the idea of it.

Going into her rework, the main thing Riot focused on was making Neeko’s ultimate more useful. She has some other slight changes, but her ability to change into almost anything she wants is the main focus.

Savvy players who have a firm grasp of how to use her passive have really made good use of her new kit, especially in the jungle. Former pro jungler Broxah has been using her to great effect and showing off what she’s capable of.

However, this hasn’t been the case for all players. With her winrate going down almost 5% across the board and it currently sitting around 40% in the jungle, she hasn’t been winning as many matches as you’d think. Yet players aren’t frustrated by their losses.

League of Legends can be a very infuriating game when you’re losing, but people playing Neeko are having so much fun they don’t even care.

She’s already being called the “most fun champion in League of Legends”, with players already showing off their greatest capers (and fails) with the champion.

i0ki, one of the people spotlighting her poor win rate, called her the “most fun champion in League of Legends” and a hilariously fun pick in his video showing what she can do in support.

It’s hard to say whether or not the Neeko rework is “balanced” at this stage, but for now, it seems like players aren’t too concerned with winning. They’re here to have a good time.

The LoL devs revealed that fun was their intention in a recent dev blog, and it seems like they’ve nailed it considering how players have received it so far.

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