LoL dev explains why new champ Naafiri is the perfect champion for learning assassins

Liam Ho
Naafiri champion art

A League of Legends developer has taken to Reddit to explain why they believe new champion Naafiri is perfect for learning the assassin role.

League of Legends hosts one of the biggest rosters in all of gaming. With over 160 different champions to choose from, there’s a playstyle for practically any player interested in joining the rift. In order to provide some clarity to players, Riot has categorized each champion into various archetypes, making it easier to understand what champion does what.

Each category excels in different ways. For example, mages focus primarily on carrying using their high-ability scaling spells, allowing them to output major burst damage in the late game. On the other hand, juggernauts primarily try to build up tankiness and raw damage but generally have less mobility as a result.

One role that is generally rather difficult to pick up and play however is the assassin. Those with insane mobility and damage, assassins lack in survivability, making them one of the more punishing to play if you make a mistake. New champion Naafiri will be the stepping stone for many players, and is the perfect champion for those wanting to learn the role, according to developer Riot Raptorr.

Riot dev explains how Naafiri will teach players to be better assassins

Stephen Auker aka Riot Raptorr hopped onto Reddit to explain their belief on why Naafiri will help make players a better assassin.

“Naafiri is designed to be an accessible assassin that is focused more on the decision making and strategy that assassin players need to succeed than on tricky mechanical execution.” the post states.

Raptorr stated that Naafiri players will need to understand 3 key questions before going in for a kill.

“Naafiri’s kit asks the player three fundamental questions that assassin players need to understand:

  • When should I go in?
  • Who should I target?
  • What angle should I approach from?

“If Naafiri can answer these questions correctly and the enemy does not respond appropriately or they do not deny her these opportunities, her kit gives her everything she needs to get in and get rewarded with a juicy kill.”

Naafiri Key Art
Naafiri and her pack of hounds will be the next assassin players get their hands on.

Playing against Naafiri

The dev also shared why they believe Naafiri will help players learn counter-play against assassins also.

“Just like Naafiri’s kit brings assassin fundamentals into sharp focus, her kit also makes assassin counterplay clear. If you are alone and split-pushing and are the type of champ she wants to munch on, she will be able to close the gap and eat you. If you’re not tracking her when she goes missing, she’s likely going to surprise you in the jungle. If you don’t hold your CC for when she inevitably jumps into the teamfight, she’s likely gonna chomp your carry and get out.”

In order to close out the post, the Raptorr left players with this statement.

“We’ve really tried to straddle the line between easy to pick up and maintaining room for depth and mastery… if you discover you like the assassin playstyle that Naaf teaches, but prefer more executionally complex champs and want to move onto them, that’s a great outcome.”

Naafiri hops onto the rift in Patch 13.14, which will arrive on July 11, 2023.

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