Lil Nas X ‘Nudyr’ LoL skin has massive fan support

Lil Nas X Nudyr LoLLeague of Legends | Twitter

The Lil Nas X League of Legends collab has already set the internet on fire. But his “Nudyr” skin idea already has a fandom behind it that wants to see the skin realized in-game.

Lil Nas X is one of the biggest artists in music right now, and his LoL collaboration where he’s been unofficially inducted as the “President” of League of Legends has sparked a ton of hype for Worlds.

While his video was mainly meant to tease his Worlds Anthem song, Star Walkin’, it also had a short bit where “Nudyr”, a skin for the recently reworked champion Udyr, was used as a joke.

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But, with a concept from the League of Legends art team and a fandom already backing the idea for the skin, Nudyr has taken the LoL community by storm.

Lil Nas X made Nudyr a reality, and fans are loving it

In the trailer, Lil Nas X can be heard trying to pitch a new skin for Udyr: Nudyr.

“I said Nudyr! Like Udyr, but in the nude! Just put some pixel blur over his junk and it’ll be the best selling skin of all time!”

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Then, after the trailer went live, the League of Legends twitter account put out a tweet showing what this model might look like.

It sure is just Udyr with his junk pixelated. But this joke immediately caught the attention of LoL fans, with people putting together ideas for what Nudyr might look like before Riot even had the chance to post it.

G2 didn’t hestitate to get in on the fun, and fans were immediately attached to the bizarre Nudyr concept. Considering the pun-y nature of the name “Nudyr” combined with the fact that Udyr isn’t wearing much in the first place, this skin concept isn’t too much of a stretch.

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Fans were already interested before the official LoL twitter account put out a picture of the skin. But now, with a concept to go off of, Twitter is alight with Nudyr memes. What started as a one-off joke has already turned into a skin that League of Legends fans have embraced.

Despite Riot making the tweet showing the pixelated model for Nudyr, there’s been no official word from Riot on whether or not this skin will become a reality. Or if it’s even possible to put it in the game in the first place.

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While his junk is indeed pixelated, it’s really hard to imagine a reality where this skin gets pushed onto the live client for people to purchase.

But, if this skin were to be put in League of Legends officially, who knows? It really could become the best selling skin of all time.

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