League of Legends players upset by Xayah and Rakan skins lacking key feature

xayah rakan splash artRiot Games

League of Legends players have expressed frustration at Riot for their laziness in skin design, specifically mentioning the newest Xayah and Rakan skins as examples.

League of Legends is a free-to-play game. As such, Riot uses various methods to add transactions into the game, with the funds going directly into maintaining the game.

Easily the most popular form of transaction is for cosmetics, specifically League of Legends skins. These skins place the champion in an alternative outfit, with some new SFX and VFX to boot. Riot has created plenty of skins over the years.

Popular champions like Annie and Miss Fortune both have over 10 skins each to their name. In order to appease the player base, Riot releases skins for every champion occasionally, even those that are less popular.

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Power couple Xayah and Rakan are some of the champions receiving skins on the PBE, but players aren’t too happy. Broken Covenant Xayah and Broken Covenant Rakan have been showcased on Riot’s Public Beta Environment, which is used for testing and player feedback.

The skins themselves are what you’d expect for their price point. They introduce a new model for the champions, with sound effects and visual effects added for flair. However, players have taken issue with not the skins themselves, but the lack of a key feature from the couples’ skins.

Riot has added some interactions between the pair, encouraging players to keep them together while in the game. Some of these features include increased range or damage for the champions, making them a rather deadly duo. An important feature of both characters is their combined recall. This allows for one of the pair to start a recall, and the other can hop in and join them. The joint recall often has a unique animation, which goes for all their skins.

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Broken Covenant Xayah and Rakan lack any form of unique animation for the couple’s combined recall. This has angered players who have slammed Riot for the lack of effort within the skins.

Players believe that Riot have a flawed logic when it comes to creating the pairs’ skins. Some were baffled by the fact that the joint skin did not receive a joint recall. They were sure to point out that older Xayah Rakan skins have had joint recall animations, such as Elderwood and Star Guardians.

This is not the first time players have been upset with skin quality, however. Players have expressed frustration about the decline of skin quality in general. Whilst using Firelight Ekko and Ashen Slayer Sylas as examples, they mocked Riot’s response to the player feedback, wondering why they even bother asking if they won’t use it.

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