LoL players demand huge skin quality of life feature that’s been missing for years

Liam Ho
La Ilusion Renata GlascRiot Games

League of Legends players have demanded a huge quality-of-life feature for skins that’s been missing from the game for many years.

League of Legends skins have been a point of contention for the community of late. With the recent Dark Erasure Jhin fiasco, and players wanting more variety, the LoL community wants to see improvements across the board when it comes to skins and their accompanying features.

Whether this means updates to older skins or changes to the current skin format, players are seeking changes for the better when it comes to Riot’s paid cosmetics.

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One such change players are looking for is the ability to preview skins before purchasing them, questioning why Riot hasn’t implemented a feature like this in the first place.

LoL players ask for an in-game skin preview feature

League of Legends players are demanding Riot implement a form of skin preview feature into the game. Players are looking for a feature to test out the skin in practice or bot modes so that they can get a look and feel the model and abilities before fully committing to a purchase.

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“I can’t be the only person who would probably buy more skins if I had the ability to play them in bots or practice tool in order to test out the skin. I know we have these kinds of things via YouTube but they aren’t exhaustive all the time, and they don’t convey how it feels to handle the champion in the skin.” Reddit user dumnem explained.

This is particularly true for mechanically intensive champions like Riven and Irelia, where the change of a visual or sound effect can greatly affect how a champion feels.

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Others agreed with the player, arguing how outdated League feels when compared to Valve’s flagship MOBA, Dota 2.

“Another post in my list of ‘what Dota 2 has solved years ago but riot [has] not.’” one player sighed.

“Smalll indie company, the tech isn’t there yet” another sarcastically touted.

Broken Convenant Riven SkinRiot Games
Legendary tier skins like Broken Covenant Riven change her model, skin, and visual effects.

Some users came up with potential reasons for why a feature like this has yet to be implemented, arguing that many skins are ugly up close.

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“Because most skins are ugly if you look at them up close. That’s why. And in that case, less people would buy.” they claimed.

Whether or not Riot implements a feature like this is entirely down to their decision, but with how popular skins are in League of Legends, there’s definitely potential we could see something like this down the track.

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