League of Legends reveals epic 2020 cinematic with Imagine Dragons remix

Riot Games

Riot Games have released a new cinematic for the 2020 League of Legends season, titled ‘Warriors’ and featuring a reimagined version of the track of the same name by Imagine Dragons.

Unlike last year’s ‘Awaken’, ‘Warriors’ doesn’t feature an all-new track, but instead offers a new take on Imagine Dragons’ song of the same name, which was produced for the 2014 World Championship in what has since become a highly-anticipated tradition for the event.

As in the Awaken cinematic that was released in January 2019, the Warriors video follows three separate storylines, each of which sees different champions facing off.

Riot GamesVi goes head-to-head with Urgot in the new Warriors cinematic.

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The first, which appears to take place in Demacia, sees Garen and Lux defend against an assault led by Sylas. Meanwhile, Caitlyn and Vi face off against Urgot, who appears to have been unleashed by his followers, while Ezreal and Kai’Sa fend off a horde of voidlings.

The ‘Warriors’ remix used offers a more orchestral take on the faster, rock-style original which nevertheless provides an epic soundtrack to the action. Fans of this version of ‘Warriors’ will be able to listen to or purchase the song through Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, and Google Play.

It’s not the only new arrival that League of Legends fans can expect in the coming week. In a teaser for 2020 released on January 8, Riot also revealed that they’d have more information on game modes and events, new champions, and the release of Clash coming soon.

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Meanwhile, they’ll also be making further announcements about what’s next for Teamfight Tactics, the next beta for Legends of Runeterra, their LoL-inspired card game, and an upcoming tabletop game that they’re currently working on.

It’s an exciting time for League of Legends fans, with not only a host of new announcements due in the coming days, but the new ranked season also kicking off on January 10, and the return of the LEC and LCS approaching on January 24 and 25 respectively.