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Riot tease League of Legends 2020 plans: Clash, champions, events, more

Published: 8/Jan/2020 16:03

by Joe O'Brien


Riot Games have revealed some of their plans for League of Legends in the coming year with a 2020 teaser.

With the first patch of Season 10 arriving on January 8, and the new season of ranked play kicking off on January 10, Riot have released a teaser video revealing some of the things they’ve got planned for the year.

The teaser promises a wealth of information being released in the coming week, including explaining where the developers currently stand with events and game modes, and the long-awaited launch of Clash, the in-game tournament system.

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The video includes a first look at the Volibear Visual and Gameplay Update (VGU) in-game. Along with Fiddlesticks, Volibear is currently in the process of getting a complete overhaul that will not only refresh his abilities, but also give him a new character model as seen in the teaser.


Riot Games

Riot will be also be sharing the latest info on new champions. With the release of Sett in patch 10.1, only the ongoing VGUs remain from the champion roadmap the developers shared in October 2019, leaving their plans for beyond those in 2020 largely a mystery right now. They did state that work was underway on “a whimsical new jungler as well as an edgy solo-lane melee carry,” so fans can likely expect more details on these soon.

Riot are also set to introduce some all-new skin lines in 2020. While many of the cosmetics that they release for League of Legends simply add new champions to an existing range – such as the ‘Hextech’ skins or ‘PROJECT’ line, the teaser for the coming year promised  a preview of new skin lines coming soon, and offered a glimpse at what looks to be one of them.


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In addition to League of Legends content, Riot also promise more info on what’s coming for Teamfight Tactics both on PC and mobile, which will include a sneak peak at the next set of champions, while there will also be details of the next Legends of Runeterra beta, and Riot’s new tabletop game.

There’s a lot to look forward to for fans of League of Legends in 2020, and it’s likely that this is only the tip of the iceberg, with more information on many of the projects that Riot announced at the 10-year anniversary – such as the animated series they’re working on, and all-new titles such as the FPS currently known as Project A – likely to come later this year as well.