League of Legends x Pokemon mashup skin would be perfect for Yuumi

Alan Bernal
Riot Games

League of Legends fans come up with the most inventive concepts for their favorite champions, but a new Pokemon-themed skin for Yuumi could be the perfect way of blending the two properties into one incredible collaboration.

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Riot Games’ popular MOBA has over a hundred characters and most of them have multiple alternate designs to choose from. The creativity on some of those skins are unmatched, but other times it’s apparent that the devs got some inspiration from a certain place to make them happen.

In hoping the game’s devs follow the latter process of creating a skin, a League of Legends fan put together a legendary design for Yuumi that would be an instant classic if it ever released.

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Riot Games
Yuumi is going to be a popular target for many more skin concepts.600

Cosplayer and artist Brittany ‘Vienna’ put together a concept for the Magical Cat that likens her to the rarest Pokemon in the original 151 collection and is called “Mewmi.”

Yuumi’s base cat design has been traded in for another in the image of mysterious Pokemon, Mew. Instead of #151’s iconic pink, it’s been swapped out for a purple that is more in-line to Yuumi’s fur.

The champion’s best friend Book also received an uplift with the concept, and now fittingly portrays a Pokedex from the early eras of the franchise.

The design perfectly highlight the already obvious similarities that the two character’s share, both in the long tail, feline resemblance, and enormous eyes which only prove why this skin needs to happen.

Vienna Twitter
An adorable cross between Mew and Yuumi would make a great League of Legends skin.600[ad name=”article3″]

Could a Pokemon skin be in League of Legends?

While it seems unlikely that a skin concept like Vienna’s could ever be incorporated into the game for obvious licensing issues, the devs have flirted with integrating likenesses of popular characters from other properties before.

Skins like Shaco’s Mad Hatter or Rammus’s King Rammus designs share a lot of similarities with the actual Mad Hatter from Alice and Wonderland as well as King Bowser from the Super Mario series, respectively.

Riot Games
The King Rammus skin from League of Legends that borrows some design schemes from King Bowser.600

Locking down the permission to make anything that even closely resembles a Pokemon would be a tall task, but it would definitely be widely appreciated by fans.

If Riot ever does get the greenlight to do so, the first skin concept on the list to make would definitely have to be Vienna’s Mewmi design.