League of Legends players discover one-button kill Trundle build with new items

Liam Ho
Trundle Splash ArtRiot Games

League of Legends players have discovered a new build for AP Trundle that allows them to kill champions with the single press of a button.

The new season for League of Legends is approaching the horizon. Season 2024 will be bringing a heap of new changes to the MOBA as we know it, including changes to many items, a new jungle camp, dragon changes, and map changes. Riot is still experimenting with these changes, but the new season will almost feel like a brand-new game.

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Items are undoubtedly one of the biggest changes coming in Season 2024. The mythic tier of items is being completely removed from the game, with all the current mythics being changed or removed. This opens up a bunch of build crafting opportunities for players to mess around with, now that builds are not restricted by a singular item.

Alongside that, we’ve seen the introduction of several new items to the game. Spellcasters that use AP are going to particularly benefit from the item update, as they’ve brought in more legendary items to increase build diversity. One unorthodox champion has found a fantastic build for these AP items, allowing them to kill someone with just one button press.

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LoL players discover insane “Press R” Trundle build

Players have discovered that with the new AP items, Trundle is able to use his ultimate ability to 100 to 0 someone. His ultimate is a point and click which steals stats from the enemy, scaling with AP.

With the new effects from the AP items, Trundle is able to deal enough damage with their ultimate against squishy targets to murder them without ever needing to touch them. Players are able to cast ult and run away, still netting them the kill.

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With plenty of champions having both AD and AP scaling, there’s no doubt that more interesting and creative builds will pop up as we continue to head towards Season 2024.

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