League players call Season 2024 changes a “huge mistake” as new items ruin balance

Theo Burman
league of legends vi vs blue buff

League of Legends’s newest season is quickly becoming a controversial one, with some players wishing the new changes had spent a bit more time in the oven.

The 2024 season is by far the biggest shake-up for League in recent memory. Sure, you’ve got the standard yearly jungle and support item overhauls, and a few tweaks to dragons as well, but there are also massive changes to the structure of the map itself, as well as new early objectives that mean top lane is actually a real place now.

Alongside all this, there’s the new items and the removal of mythics, meaning players are now free to build just about whatever they want in any order, without being gated out of other powerful options. This has been particularly useful for mages and assassins, who also got a new set of items to play around with.

But while some players are enjoying the new season, others are wishing it had been a bit more balanced on arrival, to the point where they’re calling the changes “a huge mistake”.

League of Legends players call for the return of Preseason

One player said that Riot’s new plan of going straight into 2024 without a Preseason was “a huge mistake”, claiming: “The game state is very poor.

Let’s just admit it, not having a preseason was a huge mistake. Despite the long PBE period it’s clear that a proper balance can’t be found in “so little time”.

“Can we also agree that the “durability patch” lasted just “a patch” literally? The game started gaining damage patch after patch and to be honest it surprises me that people complain just now, because it’s too late.”

The high damage of the new season has been one of the most common complaints in 2024 League so far. Items like Stormsurge, which is slated to be nerfed, have led to a meta that revolves around high burst damage, which many players find uninteractive.