All League of Legends dragon changes in Season Start 2024

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League of Legends is set to feature a few changes to the dragons in the upcoming 2024 season, and we’re here to break them all down.

Dragons and dragon souls have been an interesting part of League of Legends for a long time. In particular, the Infernal, Hextech, and Mountain Soul are considered the most vital in the game and teams fight tooth and nail for them.

In short, the kind of Dragon Soul that is going to spawn in the Rift often determines how much teams prioritize controlling the bottom area of the map.

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However, as of Season 2024, the developers are introducing a few changes, that might increase the importance of at least the Infernal Soul even more. Here is what we know so far about the Drake changes in the upcoming season.

A screenshot from League of LegendsRiot Games
The Infernal Rift is receiving the most changes in Season 2024

League of Legends Season Start 2024: All drake changes explained

The biggest changes coming to the dragons focus on the Infernal Dragon. Now, once the Infernal Dragon is unlocked, Infernal Cinders will spawn, which grant adaptive stats and a burst of movement speed upon picking them up. Half of these Cinders will be dropped on champion death, and can be picked up by allies.

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This is being accompanied by minor changes to the Ocean and Mountain Rift, namely moving a few walls and brushes..

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Therefore, as of now, the Infernal Rift is the one that brings about the most changes. The Infernal Soul is widely known for its offensive prowess. However, the Infernal Cinder mechanic that has been introduced to the Infernal Rift seems to cater towards enhancing the offensive prowess of the soul even more.

The adaptive stats and movement speed will be crucial in chasing down enemies and closing games early. In fact, the team with better map control, gold, and item condition, will gain massively from this rift.

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This is all that we know about the dragon changes so far in League of Legends Season 2024. Check out our breakdowns of the new map changes and new void monsters that are also coming in Season Start 2024.

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