League of Legends player proposes to duo queue partner with real life hextech chest

Josh Tyler
LoL Hextech Chests

A League of Legends player proposes to their real life duo queue partner with a real life hextech chest.

League of Legends isn’t usually thought of as a social game, but it’s not uncommon for players to make friends while playing.

There are countless stories of teammates striking up a friendship while playing and some players even meet their partners on Summoner’s Rift.

This was the case for one lucky LoL player who recounted their story of meeting and proposing to their future spouse through the game.

Player shows off League of Legends-inspired engagement ring box

League of Legends player Hippups shared their 3D-printed hextech chest that they used to propose to their “duo queue partner.” The hextech chest, when opened, houses a beautiful black engagement ring and an invitation to accept the Oathsworn Bond.

The Oathsworn Bond, which is held by Kalista in game, binds another player to Kalista. But as a ghostly specter, the bond is not nearly as romantic as the bond of marriage.

The hextech chest looks incredibly similar to those that League of Legends players can unlock with keys. Both are purchasable or can be earned by completing in-game missions.

But the box isn’t merely designed to look like a hextech chest, it also comes with a glowing backdrop and wisps that look like blue essence. These give the effect of opening a hextech box in-game.

Luckily, Hippups’ effort wasn’t in vain as they report that their partner did accept their proposal.

Players on the League of Legends subreddit congratulated the happy couple, as well as praising the player for this incredibly ornate piece of craftsmanship. Hopefully their love story will end much better than those souls bound to Kalista.

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