League of Legends heavy metal band Pentakill return at LCS Mid Season Showdown

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Pentakill MSS PerformanceRiot Games

Before there was K/DA there was Pentakill, and Riot Games are bringing the iconic heavy metal group back to perform at the LCS Mid Season Showdown (MSS). 

Whether you’re an OG LoL player or a newer addition to the game’s ever-growing playerbase, you’ll probably have heard of Pentakill.

Established back in 2014, Summoner’s Rift’s premium heavy metal sextuplet have etched themselves into the heavy metal history books.

Well, 2021 just got a whole lot better for headbanging LoL fans everywhere, because Pentakill are back in black and reclaiming the stage at the LCS Mid Season Showdown!

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Pentakill will perform at LCS Mid Season Showdown

Pentakill KayleRiot Games
The angel of rock is back to slay the LCS stage.

With the MSS combining the playoffs and finals of the LCS with the goal to crown NA’s Spring Split champion, the event’s conclusion marks the return of LAN events after global restrictions prohibited mass gatherings.

Taking place at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles on March 11, the competition is well underway and the race to the final is heating up. Cloud9 have already secured their spot, with rivals Team Liquid lurking on the horizon.

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Stomping onto the stage to break open the event are Pentakill, who will be debuting their mysterious new single (scheduled to drop later this year.)

Additionally, Riot’s Producer Justin Restaino is taking the wheel with the performance. The mind that brought us the spectacular 2017 Worlds dargon, and instigated True Damage’s insane 2019 Worlds performance, it’ll be exciting to see how he tackles the fan-favorite band.

Featuring the talents of former Dragonforce frontman turned Skid Row star ZP Theart, the band stormed the 2014 iTunes charts to take the number one spot.

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With their album, Grasp of the Undying, featuring a whole host of tracks named after items and abilities from the game, they have stolen the Frozen Hearts of LoL fans everywhere by tearing them out.

Are you ready to rock out to Infinity Edge and Lightbringer? Well, make sure you’ve got your horns up on MSS Finals day, because it promises to be legendary.

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