Costing cutting continues for the LCS as Riot removes Spring Finals 2024 roadshow

Declan Mclaughlin

Riot Games has announced that there will not be a roadshow for the 2024 Spring Finals as the company cuts back following massive layoffs across its gaming and esports divisions.

The LCS is undergoing massive changes in 2024 thanks to its new commissioner, schedule and financial restraints. The league has struggled in recent years with viewership and international success. The LCS is also coming off of a player’s walkout in 2023 and the impact of scaling back its developmental league.

Riot Games also just went through a massive wave of layoffs as over 10% of the company’s employees were let go across all of its divisions, including esports. The cuts have directly impacted the LCS and LEC broadcasts as fans have been able to see how barebones the production has become.

In what seems to be another cost-cutting measure, Riot Games has announced that the Spring Finals will not have a roadshow and will instead be played in the Los Angeles studio.

LCS Spring Finals to be played in same venue as regular season

Carlos ‘Caco’ Antunes, the recently appointed Head of League of Legends Esports Americas, told fans in an update that the LCS and LLA will be reducing the number of roadshows in 2024. He said fans can expect a Fan Fest similar to roadshows of the past, but the event will be played at the Riot Games Arena.

“Revisiting our investments is not just an LCS consideration, and we’re following the steps of other regional leagues in adjusting the number of roadshows. When deciding how to allocate our investment dollars across the season, our goal is to prioritize what is most impactful for fans and players,” Caco said.

He also said that a roadshow will happen for the Summer Finals and that more info should come soon.

Fans of the LCS and League of Legends in North America have not been receptive to the news. Some pointed out how people should have seen this coming because of the attendance for last year’s Spring Finals.

Other fans were sad to see an event that they could go to to meet up with friends and other fans of the league go away after the split was already in play.

“LCS Finals trips were the highlight of my year last year. I was really looking forward to seeing everyone again for Spring Finals this year,” one fan said on social media.

This move will also bring the LCS in line with other major League of Legends circuits like the LEC who are also not going on the road as much this year.