League of Legends fans slam “trash” similarities between Seraphine & Sona

Bill Cooney
Seraphine Sona similarities

Shortly after League of Legend’s 152nd champion Seraphine was revealed, Sona mains mobilized to attack the newest addition as a carbon-copy imitation of their favorite, and Riot devs even responded to the accusations.

After a mysterious Twitter account was discovered in August, Serpahine has now officially joined K/DA and had multiple abilities leaked before her full release.

Looking at her kit compared to Sona, apparent similarities do seem to rise up. For example, their Q abilities both deal damage around the champion, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Once fans had a chance to look over the new champ’s abilities, it didn’t take long for the accusations of her just being a “reworked Sona” to be thrown around.


Thomas ‘Zaboutine’ Si-Hassen, former head coach of OpTic Gaming and Immortals jokingly said that “Seraphine is the rework Sona was waiting for after 8 years.”

“Seraphine honestly trash,” another Twitter user wrote. “Her abilities so f—ing mid and shes literally reworked Sona.”

Countless jokes and memes comparing the pair of champions also started to pop up, but Twitter wasn’t the only place where people were complaining.

Upset Sona stans also took their frustrations to Reddit, where Riot dev Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles even responded to another user’s comment claiming Seraphine was just “Sona 2.0.”

“I think people should try her out before judging too much from a ability breakdown video,” Reav3 wrote. “Many people had similar reactions to Lillia, Yone and Samira but once you play those champs in game they feel very unique and different.”

“I have played plenty of Sona, and also I have played a ton of Seraphine internally,” he continued. “And I don’t think she feels anything like Sona to actually play in game.”

Reav3 does have a point, outside of Riot, very few people have even played Seraphine yet, so it might be wise to hold off on jumping to conclusions before her eventual release on October 29.

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