League of Legends Arcane fan makes real Jinx bomb and it’s epic

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A fan of the League of Legends show Arcane created a Jinx bomb using real metal, and it’s gone viral for its impressive features. 

Arcane dazzled League of Legends fans and general Netflix audiences alike when it was released to the streaming platform in 2021.

The show boasted an amazing cast of characters including Viktor, Ekko, Vi, and Caitlyn. Although, the most popular of the main cast could be Jinx, who has inspired some incredible cosplays.

Now, a member of the community has created one of her famous bombs featuring colorful blue and pink details and even used real metal to make it just that more realistic.

LoL League of Legends Arcane netflix show jinx pretending to shoot cameraRiot Games via Netflix
Jinx is one of the main characters of the Netflix show Arcane.

Arcane fan makes a real Jinx bomb

Reddit user Miscreations posted their hand-made Jinx explosive to the League of Legends subreddit page on December 28.

The post instantly launched to the top of the subreddit for its beautiful and accurate design, notching over 9,000 upvotes.

The grenade has all the accents Jinx’s bomb has in the show, including the colored drawings etched sporadically around as well as the mental chomper face on the front of the explosive. The mouth of the bomb even munches up and down.

Miscreations video shows them pulling the pin from out of the back of the bomb.


A side-by-side comparison shows just how accurate Miscreations design was to the exact one of the show.

jinx bombMiscreations/Riot Games
Jinx’s bomb, recreated with awesome effect.

The Redditor clarified in a comment below the post that the inside of the bomb is empty, so there won’t be any Jinx-style accidents happening any time soon.

Jinx’s portrayal in Arcane has led to some incredible fan-inspired creations and this is one of the most impressive yet.