Henry Cavill apparently loves Arcane, and now League fans want Season 2 cameo

Andrew Amos
henry cavill as geralt in the witcher next to jinx from arcane
Netflix / Riot Games

Henry Cavill is a bit of a nerd. The popular actor has most recently starred in The Witcher Season 2 as Geralt of Rivia, but a cameo in League of Legends show Arcane could be on the cards as the actor professed his love of the show ⁠— and fans are hyped.

Henry Cavill is once again on screens across the globe as Geralt in The Witcher Season 2, which has taken over Netflix in December 2021. It’s also no secret he loves gaming, talking about Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption, and Warhammer in the past.

However, a bridge into another gaming universe could soon be on the cards.

After the hyped release of Arcane ⁠— a scintillating success for Riot Games and League of Legends ⁠— Henry Cavill has said he’s a massive fan of the story being told. Now, fans can’t stop thinking of the potential cameos he could make.

In an interview with BBC’s Ali Plumb, he asked the star if he had watched Arcane. Cavill said he hadn’t, much to his surprise given the actor’s tastes.

“When this interview process is over, it’s so up your street ⁠— trust me, you’ll want to do a voice in that scene,” the interviewer said.

The related segment begins at 9:50.

It seems Cavill quickly went and did his research in between interviews on Plumb’s recommendation. MTV’s Josh Horowitz says in a later chat Cavill “enthusiastically recommended Arcane,” and that little line has got League of Legends fans hyped.

While the main characters in Arcane already have their voice actors from Season 1, players are already casting Henry Cavill into different roles in the Runeterra universe.

“Henry Cavill as Jarvan IV please,” one fan said. Another chimed in with Sett as a potential casting choice once the League of Legends cinematic expands past Piltover and Zaun.

Sylas and Swain have also been two names floated by fans as perfect roles for Cavill, and he’d be epic as either in a story about Demacia or Noxus.

Sylas splash art for League of Legends
Riot Games
As soon as the League cinematic universe moves to Demacia, Henry Cavill would make a perfect Sylas.

While it’s unlikely Arcane Season 2 will go beyond the borders of the current region, a little cameo from one of the League of Legends’ shows newest fans wouldn’t go astray ⁠— especially when it’s a big name like Cavill.

If not soon, there’s always more in League’s cinematic universe to come.