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League devs working on more Chemtech Drake changes as “broken” buff warps meta

Published: 20/Dec/2021 4:13

by Isaac McIntyre


Riot Games have confirmed they’re testing Chemtech Drake nerfs, including how the controversial dragon buffs change the League of Legends map and how powerful the soul ability can be in Summoner’s Rift games.

League of Legends Season 12’s preseason updates are well underway, and one thing has stood out more than any other change ⁠— “broken” Chemtech dragons.

The Chemtech dragons impact the map and game in two ways. Firstly, the Rift’s map changes remove bushes on both red and blue sides, and add an invisibility ring. Secondly, the soul buffs allow LoL players to resurrect during skirmishes and teamfights, similar to Sion’s ultimate ability.


Let’s just say neither have been well received.

Riot hit the controversial drake and its powerful buffs in LoL patch 11.24, but little changed, so they’re coming back for a second swing early in Season 12.

Getting Infernal and Cloud Rifts may be even more valuable after League Patch 10.12.
Riot Games
League of Legends got two new Dragons in the Season 12 preseason update.

“We’re still actively monitoring the Chemtech Drake’s terrain and Dragon Soul,” the LoL developers confirmed on December 19. “We knew that Chemtech Drake would be a spicy addition and we’ll continue to keep an eye on it.”

The dragon will see more changes in LoL patch 12.1.

These will include several tweaks to the way that invisibility works in the soul-terrain Chemtech clouds. Riot are also planning to add more Scryer’s Blooms to the map during the Chemtech soul to give visibility options.


The planned changes ⁠— some of which have yet to be revealed ⁠— aim to “improve the defending team’s experience in their own jungle,” the LoL devs explained.

League of Legends dragons.
Riot Games
The Season 12 preseason dragons have thrown the game’s balance into chaos.

The upcoming 12.1 changes follow close behind several Chemtech Drake nerfs the developers shipped in the closing days of Season 11’s update cycle.

Riot have already ripped damage out of the Chemtech soul, down 7%, and sliced a whole second off the revive ability, down to four seconds from five. They also added a soul revive indicator for clearer messaging around the player’s zombie states, and added 1% more bonus damage per drake buff stack.


League of Legends players continue to demand Riot remove the buff entirely, with many calling it “broken,” “unfun,” and a “huge mistake by the devs.”