League devs reveal Nocturne jungle rework ‘on the cards’ in Season 10

Andrew Amos
Nocturne in League of Legends

Nocturne was in line for a rework when Riot put a vote to the League community back in Season 9. Now, in Season 10, he’s up for consideration again, with Riot wanting to overhaul his kit so the Eternal Nightmare can make a triumphant return to the jungle.

Nocturne has seen a bit of play recently in League of Legends ⁠— but not in the jungle. The Eternal Nightmare has been driven out of the shadows into the mid lane, and while he’s seen varying success, it’s not what most Nocturne mains want.

Nocturne has always thrived as a jungler. His ultimate, Paranoia, provides massive gank threat from afar ⁠— regardless of whether you follow through with the dash or not. He also has decent camp clear, and a spell shield to block enemy CC.

Eternum Nocturne in League of Legends
Nocturne has seen more play as a mid laner recently.

However, he’s a bit simple. Riot noticed that back in Season 9, when they originally intended to rework him. They stated that they wanted to keep his ultimate, Paranoia, but make his base kit more exciting for returning players.

“He’s one of the most popular champions among players just starting out in League, but most of those players quit playing him shortly after trying him out. If we updated Nocturne, we’d really want to drive home the promised fantasy of a living nightmare, leaving his enemies in total darkness,” the devs said in a blog post back in May 2019.

In Season 10 though, that might become a very real possibility. While a full rework isn’t on the cards right now ⁠— that’s going to Dr. Mundo for now ⁠— Nocturne is in Riot’s sights for a major overhaul before 2020 ends.

“We’re still interested in making sure Nocturne is a strong jungler and his mid isn’t overbearing. Right now Jungle nocturne is healthy, and mid-top are very strong,” said designer ‘Phlox’.

“There’s a good chance we revisit him and look for something stronger to make his jungle at par with his solo lanes.”


Whether this includes working with his current kit to make it stronger, like the Swain changes touted for Patch 10.15, or a more in-depth overhaul akin to Wukong’s rework is unclear. However, Riot haven’t forgotten about Nocturne yet.

The devs don’t want to completely shut down his alternate playstyles. However, they want to bring him back to where he belongs on the Rift ⁠— in the jungle.

Of course, if Riot follows through with a full or partial rework of Nocturne, we will keep you informed. It could happen next patch, or it could be something for way later in the year. Nocturne mains will just have to be patient for now, but some good news could be on the horizon.

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