League of Legends dev promises “substantial nerfs” to strongest item in new season

Theo Burman
league of legends vi vs blue buff

A top League of Legends developer has promised that one of the strongest items added for the 2024 meta will receive significant nerfs.

In a tweet listing some of the upcoming changes in Patch 14.2, Matt Leung-Harrison, also known as Riot Phoroxzon, outlined nerfs to some of the biggest problems that came with the 2024 season, as well as the champions who benefitted the most from the new items.

While the changes have been praised overall for bringing a new lick of paint to League, some of the new items, particularly the ones for mages, have been running rampant, creating a burst meta that benefits mages and assassins.

Top League of Legends dev blames Stormsurge for burst meta

However, it now looks like the biggest culprit is going to be nerfed in the next patch, which could go a long way in reducing the amount of burst damage in the game.

In his post, the Lead Gameplay Designer for League addressed changes to ranked, as well as nerfs to champions who got a little too much out of the new season changes.

Champions like Fizz, Jax, Rumble and Teemo are all on the nerf chopping block. Phoroxzon also said that this was due to “incredible synergies” these champions have with specific items. For Jax, it was the new version of Divine Sunderer, while for Fizz, it was the already-infamous Stormsurge.

Speaking on Stormsurge directly, Phoroxzon said: “Stormsurge is receiving a substantial nerf and we think it’s the root cause of a lot of the increased burst.”

He also said that the change would indirectly help Horizon Focus, which was “struggling to find its place” due to Stormsurge being so much better, meaning players will almost always build it before.