LCS apologizes for controversial TSM segment and stands behind LeTigress

Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Following the LCS broadcast segment about the history between Doublelift and TSM, the official LCS Twitter account posted an apology and voiced their “full support” for LeTigress.

What was a 3 minute and 30 second segment on the LCS broadcast has turned into an all-encompassing controversy that has included TSM employees, Peter ‘Doublelift’ Peng, LeTigress, and now an official statement from the LCS broadcast team.

The segment was a monologue from LeTigress trying to set up a storyline, a rivalry of sorts, between TSM, Doublelift’s old team, and 100 Thieves, the team he chose to come out of retirement with.

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LeTigress issued a formal apology to TSM, one that Doublelift immediately shot down. The LCS broadcast team’s formal statement stands behind her apology, one that makes it clear that their mistake was the result of collaboration and that this misstep was “not the fault of one person”.

LeTigress apology for TSM segment gets shot down by Doublelift

After TSM employees and the League of Legends community at large spoke out against the content of the LCS broadcast segment hosted by LeTigress, she wrote a public apology about the matter.

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She assured TSM fans and employees that making them hurt or bothered by the segment was “never the intent” of the segment.

“This piece was meant to tee up the history between DL and his former team ahead of their first meeting back in the LCS. After someone pitched the topic and the team suggested a monologue would be a fitting structure, I agreed to work on the piece alongside our production team. It went through multiple iterations and what we landed on was what you saw on the air. Clearly, we missed the mark.”

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In her apology, she claims that she received “harassment and vitriol” following the segment.

“I also continue to be horrified by the harassment and vitriol directed at me by anonymous trolls for simply doing my job. Please remember that I am a human, not an object to throw your hatred and anger toward because of one mistake.”

Her apology reassured some and angered others. Doublelift himself didn’t approve of her apology whatsoever in his response that has, at the time of writing, more than double the amount of likes of LeTigress’ initial apology. Those who follow the veteran player voiced their support in the replies.

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But responses to Doublelift calling her out were far from universally positive. Many of those who replied to this tweet contested Doublelift’s usage of the term “strawman”.

The argument surrounding the segment has, in many ways, divided the community. Peoples’ opinions on the matter are split, with just as many users claiming they liked her monologue about TSM as there are criticizing it.

LCS broadcast team makes statement following TSM controversy

Two days after LeTigress penned her apology, a statement was made on the official LCS twitter account addressing the matter and showing their support for the broadcast team while admitting that the monologue didn’t “meet our own standards for content”.

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The statement also mentioned the harassment LeTigress spoke about following the segment’s airing, saying that “we sincerely regret the negative impact our misstep has had on her”.

The statement from the LCS clarifies that everyone involved with the making of the segment views this as a miss. They issued an apology to everyone involved with TSM as well as Doublelift and the entire LCS community, along with the promise that there will be a “sharper filter” when it comes to editorial segments moving forward.

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LeTigress announces short break from LCS broadcast

Two days after the LCS issued its statement, LeTigress took to Twitter to announce that she would be taking a short break from the broadcast and social media.

The caster said that this break was her decision and cited prioritizing her mental health as the reason for the break. LeTigress says that she will return to the LCS after Week 3.