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Jason Derulo to headline huge League of Legends festival in Middle East

Published: 3/Dec/2019 0:30

by Andrew Amos


American singer Jason Derulo is expected to headline the first League of Legends festival in the Middle East called “The Nexus,” a three-day event in Saudi Arabia celebrating Riot Games’ expansion into the region.

Riot Games are known for bringing incredible musical talent to all of their major events. Their Worlds songs and collaborations with major mainstream artists are world-renowned, and they’ve nailed down the art of bringing gaming and other forms of entertainment together.

While we’ve come to expect popular pop artists to help out Riot in their musical endeavors, RNB artist Jason Derulo isn’t a name most people would associate with League of Legends. However, he is expected to headline a major festival for League of Legends in the Middle East, as Riot celebrates their expansion into the region.


Twitter: Jason DeruloRNB sensation Jason Derulo is expected to perform at The Nexus festival, celebrating LoL in the Middle East.

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The festival, titled “The Nexus”, is bringing League of Legends to life in one of gaming’s fastest-growing regions. With over 20 League-related activities, and a $2,000,000 prize pool for the four tournaments running across the three days, it’s bound to be massive.

Jason Derulo will be headlining the festival’s second concert on December 7 to wrap up the Nexus event. The RNB talent recently dropped a new EP titled “2Sides (Side 1),” his first personal release since 2015.

DJ Mako and Crystal Method will also be heading up two League of Legends-inspired performances at the event. Both DJ Mako and Crystal Method have worked with Riot before, with DJ Mako performing Piercing Light on the Warsongs album, while Crystal Method helped create the Kinetic song for DJ Sona.


Riot GamesDJ Mako and Crystal Method are headlining the Opening Ceremony for the three-day Nexus festival.

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Riot Games announced their expansion into the Middle East back in 2018 after opening up a Dubai office. The Nexus festival is their first big endeavor to catapult League of Legends into the Middle East and bring more players into the game’s community.

“We have been working on ways to deliver local experiences to our communities and players across the MENA region,” said Onur Tamer, Middle East General Manager at Riot Games. “The Nexus is our first step in solidifying our presence in the region to support and celebrate our players.”

As part of their League 10 celebrations, the League of Legends developer stated that they would be bringing Arabic localization to the game to open up more opportunities for players in the Middle East.

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Riot GamesThe MENA region is a rapidly growing market for Riot to tap into.

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There’s also a possibility that a Middle East and North Africa (MENA) server could be opening up in the near future. Players in the MENA region are currently forced to play on high ping to either EU West, Turkey, or EU East, but the game’s rapid growth in the region might open doors for a fully-fledged server soon.

The Nexus is running on December 5 to 7 as part of “Riyadh Season” in Saudi Arabia, a three-month festival season bringing more arts and culture to the Middle Eastern country. For more information, check out the Nexus Arabia website.