Jankos reportedly playing for Team Heretics in LEC 2023

Jankos Team Heretics LECMichal Konkol/Riot Games

After getting benched by G2 and restricted by a hefty buyout, Jankos now has managed to find a position with Team Heretics for 2023.

Jankos has set the standard for European junglers across several years of his career. With him being the only EU jungler to take an international title in modern League of Legends (MSI 2019), he was sure to be a highly contested pickup for the LEC after he got benched by G2.

However, due to a massive buyout being placed on his contract, it was hard to say whether or not Jankos would find a team willing to commit to that investment. He was even considering a swap to full-time streaming for a year at one point in the off-season.

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Multiple reports have now indicated that Team Heretics came to an agreement with G2 on Jankos’ buyout, and are planning to start this player for their LEC debut.

Jankos coming to Team Heretics according to reports

As a player, Jankos has been around for a long time. Yet, even then, he’s still been a top of the table jungler through his time at G2. Even if they didn’t perform well at Worlds 2022 overall, Jankos kept up with international competition and did his best to bring the team success.

Even if he is one of the best junglers in the region, whether or not anyone would be able to front the buyout cost for him was certainly a concern. Even for Jankos.

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However, multiple reports have indicated that Team Heretics were willing to pay that buyout on top of giving Jankos a new contract, allowing him to play in the LEC for 2023.

Blix.gg’s own Alejandro Gomis made the initial announcement, one that was shortly followed by LEC Wooloo’s report of Jankos joining the new LEC organization. A $100k buyout agreement was originally reported by Blix, but it’s been clarified that this number is a bit fluid and could go up or down based on a number of variables.

Jankos being picked up isn’t the only surprise for Team Heretics. It’s been reported that DFM’s Evi would be coming to Team Heretics as the very first Japanese import player in LEC history.

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