Jankos leaving G2 after 5 years: “Everything has to end”

Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

After 5 years of excellence on G2 Esports, Jankos has officially departed the organization. He spoke about G2’s struggles for the past few years and his reasons for leaving in an announcement video.

Rumors of Jankos leaving G2 were floating around, but nothing had been confirmed. Rather than waiting for someone else to confirm his departure, Jankos released a video of his own.

Rather than a quick announcement tweet released by an org like most other pros, Jankos went out of his way to put together a video speaking about his years with G2, as well as what went wrong at Worlds 2022.

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And, according to Jankos, he didn’t intend to leave G2 after this year. Rather, the organization wanted to “try with a different jungler” going into 2023.

Jankos is leaving G2, but he’s not retiring

Jankos has become a core part of G2’s identity over the years. From their MSI win that restored faith in Western League of Legends in 2019, to all their strong showings both domestically and internationally, Jankos has been at the center of all of them along with players like Caps and Perkz.

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Despite the news, Jankos seemed pretty optimistic about the future in his announcement video. He said that G2’s decision “makes perfect sense”, and that this change could be good for him in the grand scheme of things.

While Jankos isn’t retiring, he did say that he’d like to play at his best with “the last few years I have left in me”. Jankos is already 27 years old, and, while he’s still one of the best junglers in Europe, he’s getting on in years compared to many other players in the LEC.

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In his announcement video, Jankos said that “everything has to end” in relation to him leaving G2. And, unfortunately, that will be true of his career at some point as well. Just not quite yet.

Jankos doesn’t yet know where he’ll end up, but he said that he had the “best years of his life” while playing under the G2 banner. The end of an era, but not the end of Jankos’ career.

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