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How to watch League of Legends 2020 All-Star: teams, results, more

Published: 18/Dec/2020 3:04 Updated: 20/Dec/2020 16:12

by Andrew Amos


The festive season is here, and for League of Legends pros, it’s a time to celebrate the year that was at All-Star 2020. With dozens of players taking part in fun events, here’s how you can catch all the action across the globe across these busy three days.

League of Legends All-Star provides a place for pros to let their hair down, have some fun on the stage, and give the community wonderful crossovers with popular content creators.

While the stage is a metaphorical virtual one in 2020, there’s plenty of action happening across the three days you’ll want to catch. Starting on December 17, more pros than ever before are taking part in the All-Star event, with regional rivalries on the line and more.

League of Legends 2020 All-Star: Stream

Like every year, you can catch the League of Legends All-Star event for 2020 on the official Riot Games Twitch channel. The action is basically running around the clock starting from December 17 at 8pm PST / 11pm EST (December 18 4am GMT / 5AM CET).

We’ve embedded the stream below for your convenience.

League of Legends 2020 All-Star: Teams

Every region across the world isn’t just sending a representative or two, but an entire squad of five. They’ll face off against each other in two divisions: the LCK/LPL division and the LEC/LCS division.

The main event will also feature teams of streamers and former pros from the major regions as part of the Superstar Showdown. You can find a full list of the teams below.

Team Players
LEC Pros Bwipo, Selfmade, Humanoid, Hans Sama, Hylissang
LEC Legends Vizicsacsi, Amazing, Exileh, Samux, Mithy
LEC Queue Kings SivHD, Overpow, Noway, Corobizar, Elwind
LCK Pros Canna, Canyon, Faker, Deft, BeryL
LCK Legends MaRin, Ambition, PawN, PraY, Mata
LCK Queue Kings Hojin, Jisoo, so_urf, Narakyle, Jelly
LCS Pros Licorice, Broxah, Jensen, Tactical, CoreJJ
LCS Legends Voyboy, Meteos, Shiphtur, Sneaky, BunnyFufuu
LCS Queue Kings Tyler1, Voyboy, Yassuo, Trick2g, Starsmitten
LPL Pros 369, Karsa, Rookie, Jackeylove, Baolan
LPL Legends gogoing, mlxg, Zz1tai, Weixiao, PYL
LPL Queue Kings 余小C, 宫本狗雨, 智勋, 水晶哥, 夕阳
CBLOL Robo, Cariok, Tinowns, BRTT, ESA
LCL Boss, Ahahacik, Nomanz, Gadget, Santas
LJL Evi, Blank, Ceros, Yutapon, Gaeng
LLA Acce, Josedeodo, Aloned, Whitelotus, Shadow
OPL Chippys, Babip, Tally, Raes, Cupcake
TCL Armut, Robin, Blue, Zeitnot, Japone
PCS Hanabi, Kongyue, Uniboy, Unified, Kaiwing
VCS Zeros, Levi, Dia1, Slayder, Palette

League of Legends 2020 All-Star: Schedule & results

Friday, December 18

Underdog Uprising PCS 1 – 0 LCK 8pm Dec 17 11pm Dec 17 4am 5am
Underdog Uprising LCK 0 – 1 OPL 9pm Dec 17 12am 5am 6am
Underdog Uprising LPL 0 – 1 LJL 12am 3am 8am 9am
Underdog Uprising VCS 1 – o LPL 1am 4am 9am 10am
Underdog Uprising LEC 1 – 0 TCL 10am 1pm 6pm 7pm
Underdog Uprising LCL 1 – 0 LEC 11am 2pm 7pm 8pm
Underdog Uprising LCS 1 – 0 CBLOL 2pm 5pm 10pm 11pm
Underdog Uprising LLA 1 – 0 LCS 3pm 6pm 11pm 12am

Saturday, December 19

Superstar Showdown LCK QK 1-0 LPL QK 8pm Dec 18 11pm Dec 18 4am 5am
LCK 1v1 Tournament Final BeryL 2-1 Deft 9pm Dec 18 12am 5am 6am
Superstar Showdown LPL Legends 1-0 LCK Legends 10pm Dec 18 1am 6am 7am
LPL 1v1 Tournament Final Karsa 0-2 YuxiaoC 11pm Dec 18 2am 7am 8am
Superstar Showdown LCK Pros 3-0 LPL Pros 12am 3am 8am 9am

Sunday, December 20

Superstar Showdown LEC QK vs LCS QK 9am 12pm 5pm 6pm,
LEC 1v1 Tournament Final Bwipo vs NoWay 10am 1pm 6pm 7pm
Superstar Showdown LCS Legends vs LEC Legends 11am 2pm 7pm 8pm
LCS 1v1 Tournament Final Hai vs Licorice 12pm 3pm 8pm 9pm
Superstar Showdown LEC Pros vs LCS Pros 1pm 4pm 9pm 10pm

Red Bull 1v1 Tournament Results

Region Winner Runner-Up
LCK BeryL Deft

How to complete Lars Stindl Bundesliga POTM FIFA 21 SBC

Published: 16/Jan/2021 11:19

by Joe Craven


Another month passing in the world of football means another Player of the Month SBC for FIFA 21 players to complete. This time we’re focusing on Lars Stindl, Borussia Mönchengladbach’s attacking midfielder who has impressed massively over the festive period. 

FIFA 21 has only been out for a few months, but we’ve already seen some truly scary POTM cards. Bruno Fernandes, for example, has seen his 87 OVR base card get multiple upgrades to the point of being a 92 OVR CAM, and one of the very best cards in the game.

However, unlike that Fernandes card, you don’t need 6 ludicrously tough squads to unlock Lars Stindl’s upgrade card. It’ll take 2 squads to unlock the Bundesliga POTM card for December, which comes in at a very respectable 86 OVR.

The German international notched up 4 goals and 1 assist in December, helping his Borussia Mönchengladbach side to seventh in the Bundesliga.

Lars Stindl POTM FIFA 21 in-game Stats

You can see the card’s stats on the image above. 67 pace and 66 defending are his lowest, with 79 physical rounding off his lack of ability as a defender.

However, his offensive stats of 86 passing, 86 dribbling, and an incredible 89 shooting, are what makes him a card worth getting if you’ve got the coins available. You’ll also notice his 4* weak foot and 4* skill moves.

A full look at his stats, thanks to FUTBIN, are available below:

Lars Stindl POTM in FUtbin
Lars Stindl’s POTM card’s full stats.

Lars Stindl POTM FIFA 21 SBC Cost and Solutions

The total cost for STindl, unlike some of the POTM SBCs we’ve seen previously, is remarkably cheap. Completing both squads will set players back between 45,000-50,000 coins, depending on your platform.

The first squad, which costs around 22,000 coins, must meet the following requirements:

  • One Borussia Mönchengladbach player
  • One IF player
  • Minimum squad rating: 82
  • Team Chemistry: Min. 70

Below is one of the cheapest solutions:

Lars STindl POTM SBC One

The second squad, which costs around 25,000 coins, must meet the following requirements:

  • One Bundesliga player
  • Minimum squad rating: 83
  • Team Chemistry: Min. 65

Stindl SBC Squad Two

It’s that simple to get your hands on the Lars Stindl POTM card. Given how cheap it is to complete, and the attacking powerhouse you’ll get in return, we’d recommend doing this.

The card’s major drawback is its lack of pace, but surrounding him with fast players like Marco Reus and Douglas Costa seems an easy way to negate this issue. Having said that, keep in mind that he won’t be beating many defenders in a foot-race.