Team Blaber wins CoreJJ’s LCS In-House Tournament

Ben Mock
Image of Doublelift and CoreJJ on Team Liquid
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LCS pros took to the Rift for a special three-day tournament led by League of Legends icon Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng, Team Liquid support Jo ‘CoreJJ’ Yong-in, TSM jungler Mingyi ‘Spica’ Lu, and Cloud9 jungler Robert ‘Blaber’ Huang.

While the 2022 LCS season inches closer and teams start to head overseas for Korean boot camps, some of the biggest names in the LCS came together to put on a tournament for fans to enjoy over the post-Thanksgiving weekend.

Images of Blaber, Spica, and Doublelift
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Blaber, Spica, CoreJJ, and Doublelift will serve as team captains for the event

LCS In-House tournament: Stream

The LCS In-House Tournament was streamed on various different channels, with players streaming their individual POVs.

However, fans were treated to an extra experience after iconic LCS caster Clayton ‘CaptainFlowers’ Raines joined the tournament to cast it.

LCS In-House tournament: Schedule & Results

Date Match PT ET GMT
November 26 Blabber’s Crabbers 3-1 Team Happy Meals 5PM 8PM 1AM
November 27 Team Bwingpo 3-0 Doublelift’s Daycare 5PM 8PM 1AM
November 28 Blabber’s Crabbers 3 – 1 Team Bwingpo 5PM 8PM 1AM

LCS In-House tournament: Teams

Four teams took part in the LCS In-House tournament, captained by four LCS stars in Blaber, Spica, CoreJJ, and Doublelift.

Each team will feature three LCS pros, an Academy player, and a rising star from Amateur. You can find the full team lists below.

Team Players
Blabber’s Crabbers Srtty, Blaber, Rjs, Danny, Vulcan (Zeyzal played in Game 1, unable to attend final)
Team Happy Meals Dhokla, Spica, Spirax, Tactical, breezyyy
Team Bwingpo Bwipo, Armao, Darkwings, Yeon, CoreJJ
Doublelift’s Daycare GeneralSniper, Will, Ablazeolive, Doublelift, Diamond