How to watch DRX’s Worlds 2022 documentary

Declan Mclaughlin
DRX lift Worlds trophy

Riot Games has released an hour-long documentary about DRX’s miracle run to the Worlds 2022 trophy. Here’s how you can watch it.

DRX were considered underdogs heading into Worlds 2022 as the South Korean squad was only the fourth seed coming out of LCK. But, despite all odds, the team went all the way in North America, capping off a dream run by beating rivals T1 in an exciting match that shattered League of Legends’ peak viewership record.

DRX’s run was anything but clean as the team dropped games in the group stage and even came close to being eliminated in the quarter-finals before pulling off a reverse sweep against EDG.

There were also many compelling individual storylines to follow, from AD Carry Deft beating his longtime rival and former high school classmate Faker to win his first Worlds title, to mid laner Zeka having a miraculous turn of form.

To showcase DRX’s improbable run to winning Worlds 2022 Riot Games, in partnership with Red Bull, has released an hour-long documentary about the Cinderella tournament story called ‘How Underdogs Made League of Legends History | DRX The Rise’.

Here’s how fans of the team, and of League of Legends esports in general, can watch the documentary.

Where to watch the DRX Worlds 2022 documentary

Fans can watch the DRX documentary on YouTube on the LoL Esports channel. The film was created by Riot Games in partnership with Redbull.

The hour-long documentary covers DRX’s entire run through the tournament and also sets up the stakes for the team and its players. It also features interviews with the players along with footage of the event and the team’s matches.

Shortly after Worlds 2022, DRX’s team fell apart, with only support player BeryL staying on. Deft signed with Dplus, while top laner Kingen and Zeka joined Hanwha Life Esports. As for Pyosik, the jungler moved to the LCS, where he was recruited by Team Liquid.

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