Gamers claim they’re “scared” to tell people they play League of Legends

Filip Krawanski
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Some League of Legends players are speaking up that they are “scared” to talk about their hobby or to invite anyone to play with them because of the stigma surrounding the MOBA game.

Gaming has come a long way from its earliest days. What was once considered by many to be a pass time for “nerds” is now something that nearly everyone partakes in some degree.

But while the stigma surrounding playing videogames went away, the videogames you play might result in you getting shamed within certain circles. Almost every popular videogame has gone through a period when dunking on it was ‘popular’, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Fortnite, and especially League of Legends.

League has become so infamous that players are now afraid of getting judged for admitting that they play the game.

League players afraid of admitting that they like the game

Reddit user “Potatosarepancakes” started a thread titled “Are people who play games scared to say that they play league” about this topic on League’s Reddit.

“I’m curious how many of you guys are willing to tell people that you play league. I’m always scared to tell people because of the negative stigma around the game being really toxic, but I genuinely enjoy playing,” wrote the user in question.

Some users seemingly agree with the thread’s author, admitting that they try to avoid bringing up League of Legends even in gaming-related discussions.

“I try to not bring it up in polite conversation. Playing league is like engaging in kink. It’s painful and not everyone needs to know you do it,” wrote one player. Another one adds: “Personally I would never go around flexing I play league, and I mean ever.”

Others do not see anything wrong as League is just a videogame like any other, and playing it does not make you a certain kind of person.

“The entire idea of being scared of telling someone you play a game is just goofy and non-sensical to me. If someone has a problem with you playing league, the issue is with them, not you,” sums up one comment.

Despite what some claim League is still among the best free games available to play, and despite it’s age new content is entering the MOBA periodically, such as the all-new 2v2v2v2 Arena mode which players love.