G2 Perkz hits back at “baffling” rumors of rift with Caps

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G2 bot laner Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic has hit back at claims of a rift with mid laner Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther, as his departure looks increasingly set in stone.

Perkz’ exit from G2, the org he has been a part of from its foundation, has been one of the main stories of the off-season. Several teams have been touted as potential destinations for the Croatian, with Cloud9 the favorites. They’re believed to have agreed a multi-million dollar buyout of his contract.

Rumors of a rivalry between Perkz and Caps are nothing new. Caps’ arrival ahead of the 2019 season, which saw Perkz move away from mid to the bot lane, has prompted debate over who is the best out the two players, both of whom are seen as the two greatest western League has ever seen.

But Perkz is set to seek pastures new in a departure away from G2 and back to the midlane. Rumors of a rift between the two players have never been more widespread.

Perkz and Caps with the 2019 MSI trophy
Perkz and Caps lifted the 2019 MSI trophy together.

Perkz defends Caps over G2 departure rumors

As rumors of an imminent departure gather pace, Perkz looked to deflect any blame for his departure away from Caps. He described the rumors as “baffling” and explained Caps is “like a brother” to him.

Perkz’ discussion of G2 in the past tense confirms a departure is imminent. The official announcement of his transfer away from G2 could be released very soon.

He also defended G2 owner Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodríguez Santiago, who has been caught in the storm, pleading fans to stop the hate.

Perkz’ time at G2 has finally come to its end. For a player who reached the finals of Worlds and won the Mid-season Invitational in 2019, his legacy as a legend of G2 is already cemented.

Even though G2 had a disappointing exit from Worlds this year, slumping to a 3-1 defeat by eventual champions DAMWON, this ongoing drama shouldn’t taint the glowing LEC career of Perkz.

When Perkz eventually leaves, then rumors about his replacement will likely take center stage. G2 has a hell of a task on its hands to replace its talismanic figure.

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