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TFT patch 10.23 hotfix nerfs Talon as Enlightened-Assassin dominates meta

Published: 14/Nov/2020 3:52

by Andrew Amos


Riot have been forced to nerf Talon shortly after the release of TFT patch 10.23 as the Enlightened-Assassin continues to tear up the meta. The micropatch also fixed some bugs with the four-cost unit.

The TFT meta has circled around one unit in particular over the last couple of weeks, and that’s Talon. The Enlightened-Assassin rose to the top after nerfs to Warwick, Ahri, and more, and has managed to stick around.

However, he’s been a little bit too powerful. In partnership with Morgana, the two Enlightened units have been tearing up the TFT battlefield.

Morgana in League of Legends
Riot Games
Morgana (pictured) and Talon have been tearing up the Convergence in TFT Fates.

While Morgana was nerfed in a TFT patch 10.22 hotfix, Talon remained relatively untouched. He had some changes to his targeting in TFT patch 10.23 which stopped him from blowing up enemy carries one after the other.


It wasn’t enough though, and Riot are pulling out the calculator to adjust Talon’s numbers. The November 13 hotfix has hit Talon’s ability damage at two-star, bringing it down to 200%, the same as his one-star damage.

This change leaves Talon players in a precarious position. They need to either hit three-star Talon, which is pretty difficult given how contested the composition is, or settle for the lower damage and lesser carry potential.

It shouldn’t completely take Talon out of the meta, but it could impact how many people end up pursuing compositions around him. We might have an Ahri or Warwick situation on our hands, where it’ll take several patches to finally finetune him.


The TFT patch 10.23 hotfix also fixed two major bugs with Talon: One where he could target himself with his spell, and another where he would target untargetable enemies, like those in Guardian Angel or Sett off the board.

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The hotfix is live now, so if you find Talon in your next game, you’ll have to make the big decision for yourself: Do you chase three-star Talon, or do you cut your losses?

You can find the full TFT patch 10.23 hotfix notes below.

TFT patch 10.23 micropatch notes



  • Spell AD Bonus: 200/225/250% > 200/200/250%
  • Fixed bug where Talon could target himself with his spell
  • Fixed bug where Talon could target untargetable enemies with his spell (ex: Sett doing situps)