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Perkz set to join Cloud9 after LCS team agree to G2 Esports’ $5m buyout

Published: 12/Nov/2020 23:53 Updated: 13/Nov/2020 0:24

by Isaac McIntyre


Luca ‘Perkz’ Perković is set to become the latest European superstar to swap the LEC for the cashed-up North American LCS, with reports confirming G2 Esports’ mid laner will join heavyweights Cloud9 ahead of the 2021 season.

Perkz is regarded by many as one of the greatest European stars to ever play League of Legends. His move away from G2 ⁠— revealed in late October as a shock possibility ⁠— has been the must-watch saga of the 2021 offseason thus far.

Last week, reports had Cloud9 as frontrunners for his signature, ahead of LCS rivals Evil Geniuses, TSM, and 100 Thieves. Team Vitality and Misfits were also in the mix, for a time.

The race to acquire League’s hottest ‘free agent’ appears to now be over; Perkz is set to join Cloud9, according to Jacob Wolf. The 2020 deal is expected to be signed and stamped on Nov. 16, when the free agency window officially opens.

Perkz has played for G2 Esports since 2015, when they were still Gamers2.
Riot Games
Perkz has played for G2 Esports since 2015, when they were still Gamers2.

The $5m acquisition also leaves Cloud9 with two star mid laners. As far as Dexerto can confirm, C9 will now put Yasin ‘Nisqy’ Dinçer on the LCS trade block.

Perkz’s impending transatlantic swap will leave G2 Esports without a bot laner heading into their impending LEC title defence; they will now dip into the open market. The rest of their roster is contracted through to 2022.

While with G2 Esports, Perkz won eight European titles, and claimed the MSI trophy in 2019. He was named Rookie of the Split in 2016, and made the European All-Pro Team four times. He first joined G2 — then called ‘Gamers2’ — in 2015.

Perkz has played more than 300 games of League of Legends under the G2 Esports banner.
Riot Games
Perkz has played well over 300 games of League of Legends under the G2 Esports banner.

Rumors about potential G2 Esports replacements have already begun swirling behind the scenes too. The hottest tip is the LEC champs will look at their direct rivals, Fnatic, again; Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson is currently a free agent.

Elias ‘Upset’ Lipp is another reported frontrunner. The German bot laner has one year left on his contract with Astralis, but may be allowed to leave as the rebranded LEC organization looks to cut costs.

Cloud9 are expected to announce their superstar signing on Nov. 16. Perkz will reunite with former G2 bot laner Jesper ‘Zven’ Svenningsen when he signs. Afonso ‘Mithy’ Rodríguez may also be in line to join Cloud9 as an assistant coach.

Call of Duty

Team Scump wins $50K Black Ops Cold War Twitch Rivals: Final results

Published: 24/Nov/2020 3:43

by Brad Norton


Black Ops Cold War may have only just launched but major competitions are already underway as some of the biggest names in Call of Duty joined up for a huge $50,000 Twitch Rivals showdown.

Twitch Rivals hosts some of the biggest online esports events out there. Gathering a mix of marquee streamers on the platform and some of the top pro players, they’re always huge events.

The latest installment put CoD in the spotlight thanks to the release of Black Ops Cold War. As players grow familiar with maps, modes, and weapons, some of the best competitors jumped right into tournament play.

From Nadeshot to 2020 World Champion Clayster and plenty more, many of the biggest names were involved. If you missed any of the action, we’ve got you covered with a complete rundown on the latest Twitch Rivals event.

Black Ops Cold War Twitch Rivals results

Once teams were drafted, it was time for the unique event to properly get underway. Divided into four sections, every squad had to play through two series across a variety of modes. Hardpoint, VIP Escort, Domination, and SnD were all in focus.

Opening rounds were simple best of ones, though the playoffs saw teams competing over a possible three maps. Some were more lopsided than others. Clayster blitzed through former partners on Simp’s team when it came to Hardpoint. Meanwhile, the opposite occurred when things switched to Domination, as Simp’s team won that portion without dropping a map.

It was a closely contested event right until the very end. Clayster, Simp, and Scump all led their teams to a single playlist win. It came down to SnD where Scump’s team took home the final remaining victory. 

How to rewatch Black Ops Cold War Twitch Rivals

The Cold War Twitch Rivals event took place on Monday, November 23 for North American talent. Things kicked off at 3PM PT | 6PM ET and ran through most of the evening.

While individual players were streaming their own perspectives, a dedicated broadcast was hosted by CDL talent Miles Ross, Thomas ‘Chance’ Ashworth, and Lottie Van-Praag. We’ve embedded this below for your convenience.

Black Ops Cold War Twitch Rivals Format

This particular event followed a unique format. At first, four captains selected their teammates from a pool of pro players and popular streamers. Once rosters were locked in, there were four unique brackets to play through, one for each mode.

Hardpoint, VIP Escort, Domination, and SnD were the four single-elimination brackets on offer today. Placing well within each bracket awarded a set number of points. The team with the highest number of points at the end of the day was eventually crowned the winner. A full point breakdown along with the final prizing can be found below.

Points per round

1st – 5 points

2nd – 3 points

3rd – 2 points

4th – 1 point

Prize pool breakdown

Team prizing

1st – $15,000

2nd – $9,000

3rd – $6,000

4th – $4,000

Prizing per round

1st – $2,000

2nd – $1,000

3rd – $1,000

4th – $0

Individual player bonuses

1st – $3,750

2nd – $2,250

3rd – $1,500

4th – $1,000

Black Ops Cold War Twitch Rivals Teams

Many of the most popular names in the Call of Duty scene were thrown together for this marquee event. Captains were determined ahead of time, however, as Clayster, Nadeshot, Scump, and Simp were all elected to lead a team of their own. 

The full list of players filling out each team can be found below.

Team Scump

  • Tfue
  • Aydan
  • Zoomaa
  • Scump

Team Nadeshot

  • IceManIsaac
  • Envoy
  • Destroy
  • Nadeshot

Team Simp

  • SuperEvan
  • JaredFPS
  • Karma
  • Simp

Team Clayster

  • Symfuhny
  • Tommey
  • Rated
  • Clayster