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Flash Wolves announce comeback to League of Legends esports

Published: 18/Dec/2020 16:23 Updated: 18/Dec/2020 17:20

by Lauren Bergin


One of Asia’s most iconic League of Legends teams is Flash Wolves. The Taiwanese organization has announced its shocking return to LoL esports after a year-long hiatus.

When Western League of Legends fans think of Asian teams, they are often reminded of T1, Invictus Gaming (IG), or the iconic Flash Wolves. The Taiwanese organization caught the attention of a global fanbase due to its dominance over the other Pacific regions.

With players like Lu ‘Betty’ Yu-hung and Su ‘Hanabi’ Chia-hsiang having sported the Flash Wolves jersey during their careers, the fan-favorite organization has woven its way into the heart of competitive LoL. We saw the team effectively dissolve overnight in 2019, and Flash Wolves dropped off of the esports radar, seemingly forever. Well, it turns out that’s not quite right.

Flash Wolves League of Legends
Riot Games
Flash Wolves went from LoL icon to LoL history overnight.

Flash Wolves announce 2021 return

While the official Flash Wolves Twitter account looked pretty gloomy, with the last Tweet being the organization’s fond farewell to the esports scene, a tweet from December 18 has restarted the rusty heart of the Pacific champions.

In a short but simple Tweet, the iconic squad announced their re-entry to the competitive esports scene by simply writing “we are back!.”

The Tweet — which was made in the early hours of December 18 — has already started to make a splash. The teams loyal home fanbase are celebrating in the comments section, with one fan epitomizing how every single one of us feels:

With the impressive rise of Asian teams over the past year, seeing how Flash Wolves reintegrate themselves into the global LoL framework will be fun to watch. While Machi Esports failed to impress on the 2020 World Championship stage, PSG Talon had a dominant play-in run, but drew the unfortunate “group of death” in the group stages.

PSG Talon’s success has led to a resurgence in strength throughout the PCS region, so seeing Flash Wolves return is pretty exciting. Will they be able to stand up to behemoths like Europe, Korea, and China, or are they forever to be deemed the underdogs? Only time will tell.

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LIVE: LCS Lock In 2021 Day 1: Perkz’s debut for Cloud9 goes awry

Published: 15/Jan/2021 23:00 Updated: 16/Jan/2021 2:52

by Andrew Amos


The LCS has kicked off 2021 not with the Spring Split, but with a new tournament called Lock In. Similar to the KeSPA Cup or Demacia Cup, NA’s top teams will duke it out in a pre-season event right before the main season. Here’s what you need to know.

  • 100 Thieves, Liquid, Evil Geniuses, Dignitas open up LCS Lock In with wins.
  • Perkz’s Cloud9 debut goes awry with 4/7/2 statline on Yone.
  • Golden Guardians vs CLG next at 7pm PT / 10pm ET.

LCS Lock In: Stream

The LCS Lock In tournament is the 2021 starter for League of Legends in North America. All 10 LCS teams will take part in the two-week competition that gives fans a taster of the year to come.

They’re not playing for pittance either. The winning team will take home $150,000 USD, and a lot of confidence heading into the start of Spring 2021 in February.

LCS Lock In 2021: Teams & groups

As we mentioned earlier, all 10 of the LCS teams will be taking part in the Lock In tournament. Some teams may choose to field their academy rosters instead of their main rosters, but with $150,000 on the line, there’ll definitely be some teams gunning for the flag.

Among them, Summer 2020 champions TSM would be favorites. Having made a number of moves in the off-season, only keeping jungler Mingyi ‘Spica’ Lu, the new squad will have a hard task in front of them. Team Liquid, CLG, and Cloud9 also made some big moves in the off-season to catch back up.

The 10 teams will be split into groups of two, with the top four from each group making it to the single-elimination playoffs.

Group A Group B
TSM FlyQuest
100 Thieves Cloud9
CLG Dignitas
Golden Guardians Evil Geniuses
Team Liquid Immortals

LCS Lock In 2021: Schedule

Groups Day 1: Friday, January 15

Group Match PT ET GMT
Group A 100 Thieves 1 – 0 TSM 3pm 6pm 11pm
CLG 0 – 1 Liquid 4pm 7pm 12am (Jan 16)
Group B Cloud9 0 – 1 Evil Geniuses 5pm 8pm 1am (Jan 16)
Dignitas 1 – 0 FlyQuest 6pm 9pm 2am (Jan 16)
Group A Golden Guardians vs CLG 7pm 10pm 3am (Jan 16)

Groups Day 2: Saturday, January 16

Group Match PT ET GMT
Group B Immortals vs Evil Geniuses 1pm 4pm 9pm
Group A Golden Guardians vs TSM 2pm 5pm 10pm
Group B Cloud9 vs FlyQuest 3pm 6pm 11pm
Immortals vs Dignitas 4pm 7pm 12am (Jan 17)
Group A CLG vs 100 Thieves 5pm 8pm 1am (Jan 17)

Groups Day 3: Sunday, January 17

Group Match PT ET GMT
Group B Immortals vs Cloud9 1pm 4pm 9pm
Group A Liquid vs 100 Thieves 2pm 5pm 10pm
Group B Dignitas vs Evil Geniuses 3pm 6pm 11pm
Group A CLG vs TSM 4pm 7pm 12am (Jan 18)
Golden Guardians vs Liquid 5pm 8pm 1am (Jan 18)

Groups Day 4: Friday, January 22

Group Match PT ET GMT
Group B Dignitas vs Cloud9 3pm 6pm 11pm
Group A Golden Guardians vs 100 Thieves 4pm 7pm 12am (Jan 23)
Group B Evil Geniuses vs FlyQuest 5pm 8pm 1am (Jan 23)
Group A Liquid vs TSM 6pm 9pm 2am (Jan 23)
Group B Immortals vs FlyQuest 7pm 10pm 3am (Jan 23)

Quarterfinals Day 1: Saturday, January 23

TBD vs TBD 1pm 4pm 9pm
TBD vs TBD 5pm 8pm 1am (Jan 24)

Quarterfinals Day 2: Sunday, January 24

TBD vs TBD 1pm 4pm 9pm
TBD vs TBD 5pm 8pm 1am (Jan 24)

Semifinals Day 1: Friday, January 29

TBD vs TBD 3pm 6pm 11pm

Semifinals Day 2: Saturday, January 30

TBD vs TBD 1pm 4pm 9pm

Grand Finals: Sunday, January 31

TBD vs TBD 1pm 4pm 9pm