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Evil Geniuses CEO roasts the entire LCS in AMA answer

Published: 6/Dec/2019 18:37

by Scott Robertson


Evil Geniuses have returned to the LCS after years of absence, and CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson wasted no time in firing shots at the other teams in the league in a Reddit AMA.

Evil Geniuses aren’t just using #LiveEvil for marketing purposes, they’re embracing a new role as the bad guys. With their starting lineup for LCS set, the evil masterminds behind the organization set their sights on the League of Legends subreddit to answer some questions from fans.

The members of EG who made their way to r/LoL provided a lot of insight on team-building, and how organizations work, and the state of esports in general. But Jameson also took the time to be extra evil and burn every single team in the LCS.

The roasts were not unwarranted or unprecedented, as a member of the community asked her to do so, but that didn’t stop the CEO from going all in.

While all the roasts were solid, some of them were especially vicious. Fans of the New York Knicks basketball franchise have long suffered under owner James Dolan, whose MSG Company acquired a controlling stake in July 2017.

The Golden Guardians one features an image of someone googling if an LCS team can be relegated, and the Immortals one features the phrase “We aren’t broke” with a link to a tweet by Immortals-owned Overwatch team LA Valiant explaining why they’re going forward with a budget roster next season.

The Cloud 9 one is perhaps a reference to Cloud 9 issuing stocks to its players outside of normal contracts, but the C9 Twitter account wasted no time in firing back at EG, in a reply to a screenshot of the Jameson roasts on LCS interviewer Travis Gafford’s Twitter. Team Liquid got involved as well.

Jameson is no stranger to directing banter towards the LCS, having done so since day one when she outlined Evil Geniuses’ master plan when the organization officially joined.

“Before spearheading the oldest brand in esports, my background was in turning around distressed business,” Jameson said in the master plan video. “This makes myself, and EG, the natural choice to putting out the raging dumpster fire that is North American League of Legends.”

On September 26, Evil Geniuses made two massive moves to re-join esports scenes they had spent years away from. First, they acquired the NRG CSGO roster, who immediately delivered returns by winning the ESL One NY event.

Valve / ESL
Valve Corporation: Counter-Strike
Evil Geniuses claimed victory at ESL One NY, their first event under the roster’s new banner.

They also joined the LCS slot by acquiring the Echo Fox slot on the same day. They began their LCS plot by acquiring reigning MVP Dennis ‘Svenskeren’ Johnsen for their jungler role, and then rounding out their roster with a collection of impressive international talent.

Evil Geniuses have been talking a big game since day one, meaning they fit right in with the rest of the LCS teams. Fans will have to wait until the LCS spring split to see if EG can back up their big talk.

League of Legends

League players baffled after Riot says playing ranked is ‘pointless’

Published: 28/Nov/2020 13:53

by Luke Edwards


A tweet from the Riot support account has raised a few eyebrows after a player was told there was “no point” in playing ranked games during pre-season.

Pre-season is a unique time in League. With the drastic revamp Riot likes to do at the end of each season, Summoners Rift basically becomes a testing ground for a couple of months while the changes are fine-tuned, ready for the new season.

This year has seen huge changes made to items, with the introduction of mythics completely flipping how players select their build paths. After OCE jungler Guts tweeted Riot asking why his Ladder Point (LP) gains were so marginal, Riot explained the issue as being down to “changes that were made to the MMR system.”

When Guts followed up by asking why his LP losses were greater than his gains, Riot added that it would take a few games to reset, before asking him to “keep in mind that the ranked season ended a while ago, so [there’s] no point in playing ranked queues.”

League players baffled after Riot says playing ranked is ‘pointless’

Popular Twitch streamer Tarzaned, who has over 400,000 followers, responded with a tongue-in-cheek screenshot of his 50min+ queue time, while new Immortals support player Destinyy tweeted this ‘confused Nick Young’ meme in confusion over the comments:

While the season may be technically over, and players unable to earn awards like banners and skins, a lot of players prefer the competitive nature of ranked to normal games. It also means players are more likely to publicize unbalanced aspects of the game.

Historically, teething issues tend to be widespread at this stage of the League calendar, given the huge number of changes made to the game. Riot has already released one hotfix to Amumu after the updated Bami’s cinder item meant he could solo baron at 20 minutes.

Amumu splash art
Riot Games
Amumu was hotfixed after the updated Bami’s cinder made him too OP.

Traditionally, queueing up ranked in pre-season gives players the opportunity to boost their MMR, while also experimenting with new items, build paths and champions.

Streamer Chaseshaco compared the tweet to the ‘200+ years’ tweet by Riot Lutzburg from January. In this controversy, Lutzburg disagreed with a player’s request to buff Wukong’s damage.

He then added: “Being good at playing a certain character in a video game is valuable, but I think I’ll take the 200+ collective years of professional game design experience.”

The issues surrounding reduced LP boosts could be addressed in patch 10.25, which is set to be released on December 9.