Dr Mundo rework revealed for LoL patch 11.12: new abilities, skins

Dr Mundo rework LoL Season 11Riot Games

Dr Mundo’s rework has finally come to League of Legends. A member of the “Original 40,” the Madman of Zaun is getting a modern revival with his VGU overhauling his abilities and in-game look. Here’s what you need to know about the rework.

After months of work, the fruits of Riot’s labor on the Dr Mundo rework have finally been unveiled. The Madman of Zaun is taking to Summoner’s Rift with a modernized kit primed for Season 11 action.

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While the iconic League of Legends juggernaut has had his fair share of changes since his release as part of the “Original 40” in 2009, this VGU is Dr Mundo’s biggest rework yet.

“Utterly mad, tragically homicidal, and horrifyingly purple, Dr Mundo is what keeps many of Zaun’s citizens indoors on particularly dark nights,” the updated lore reads.

Frozen Prince Dr Mundo skin for League of LegendsRiot Games
Dr Mundo, the Madman of Zaun, has been refreshed for modern League of Legends.

However, if you’re worried about Dr Mundo being too ‘different’ from his current form, mains shouldn’t be too displeased. Riot didn’t stray too much from his live form, instead opting to add updated twists to his kit to fit into modern League of Legends.

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“The vision for Mundo stayed pretty similar from beginning to end,” lead champion producer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles told Dexerto.

“This is due to the fact Mundo was already a pretty solid champion, so the goal was mostly just to modernize him and bit but keep his core theme and gameplay intact. We never really strayed from who Mundo already was on live during his development.”

Dr Mundo rework abilities

Dr Mundo’s reworked kit has some features of his old one. His Q and ultimate remain mostly unchanged, however there’s big changes to his passive, W, and E, nudging the hybrid top-jungle juggernaut more into the jungle.

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Pool Party MundoRiot Games
Riot kept Mundo’s kit simple to not alienate mains of the juggernaut.

“We wanted to make Mundo feel more modern and upgraded but at the same time still super simple to play,” Reav3 said.

“As development went on we realized that there was a lot of player love for Jungle, and so made more efforts to support both a little more evenly. So overall we hope he’ll be played in both roles,” game designer Glenn ‘Twin Enso’ Anderson added.

Passive: Goes Where He Pleases

Dr Mundo resists the next immobilizing effect that hits him, instead losing current health and dropping a chemical canister nearby. Dr Mundo can pick it up by walking over it, restoring a portion of maximum health and reducing this passive’s cooldown. Enemies moving over the canister destroy it.

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Dr Mundo also has increased health regeneration based on his maximum health.

Q: Infected Bonesaw

Dr Mundo throws an infected bonesaw, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit based on their current health and slowing them.

W: Heart Zapper

Dr Mundo electrocutes himself for a few seconds, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and storing a portion of damage he takes as grey health. At the end of the duration, Dr Mundo deals a burst of magic damage to nearby enemies and heals his grey health if an enemy is hit. Dr Mundo can recast Heart Zapper to end its effects early.

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E: Blunt Force Trauma

Passive: Dr Mundo has bonus attack damage, increasing based on his missing health.

Active: Dr Mundo slams his “medical” bag into an enemy, dealing physical damage based on his missing health. If the enemy dies they are swatted away, dealing this ability’s minimum damage to enemies they pass through.

R: Maximum Dosage

Dr Mundo pumps himself with chemicals, instantly healing a percent of his missing health. He then heals a portion of his maximum health over a long duration, gaining bonus movement speed and attack damage while healing.

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Dr Mundo will have his visual elements updated in the rework, alongside his gameplay changes.Riot Games
Riot played around with a lot of concepts for Mundo’s VGU, before landing on a design similar to this.

Dr Mundo reworked skins

On top of the gameplay update, all of Dr Mundo’s skins have received a visual overhaul. This includes his base skin, which feels more ‘crazed’ and less ‘frankenstein’ compared to Mundo’s old stitched-up design, topped off with a hobble.

  • Corporate Mundo (Legendary, 1820 RP)
  • El Macho Mundo (1350 RP)
  • Executioner Mundo (Legacy, 520 RP)
  • Frozen Prince Mundo (Legacy, 1350 RP)
  • Mr. Mundoverse (Legacy, 520 RP)
  • Mundo Mundo (Legacy, 975 RP)
  • Pool Party Mundo (975 RP)
  • Rageborn Mundo (975 RP)
  • Toxic Dr Mundo (Legacy, 520 RP)
  • TPA Mundo (Legacy, 750 RP)
Corporate Mundo LoL reworkRiot Games
Corporate Mundo looks like he’s ready to do business.

Dr Mundo rework release date

The Dr Mundo rework is dropping on League of Legends patch 11.12, which is set to go live on June 9. The Mundo VGU will be available for testing on the PBE across the next two weeks.

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It’s likely the Mundo rework won’t drop right away on LoL patch 11.12, so we will keep you posted with an exact release date in the coming days.