Dr. Mundo ready for League of Legends’ new jungle with targeted changes

Rageborn Mundo in League of LegendsRiot Games

Dr. Mundo is Riot’s next big target to bring into League of Legends’ reworked jungle in Season 13. With the role being opened up to more players and champions, targeted changes to the Madman of Zaun should ramp up his clear speed big time.

League of Legends’ jungle is being opened up to all as part of Season 13

That doesn’t just include individual players with all of the accessibility changes including pathing recommendations and jungle pets. That includes champions as well, as Riot gets rid of double camp leashing to try and equalize clear speeds.

It’s seeing an uptick in diversity with more champions now more viable than ever before in the role. Some have missed out on the action like Dr. Mundo though, and Riot wants him to be involved in the party.

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A host of jungle-specific Dr. Mundo changes are penned in for LoL patch 12.23 to increase his clear speed, especially against camps with multiple units like raptors and wolves. 

His base stats are taking a little beating to open up this power. His scaling is being curbed slightly, but he will now store more health as part of his W, Heart Zapper, which increases his durability while clearing big time.

Dr. Mundo’s base damage against monsters is also increasing on his E, and the bonus attack damage will now scale based on his maximum health. This ties in really nicely with some of the new Season 13 items that grant a glut of health like Heartsteel. 

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The Madman of Zaun will still be hard to kill in the late game ⁠— pushing Level 16 and getting the third rank on his ultimate now gives him extra healing based on the number of nearby enemy champions.

Riot are aware of the jungle-centric nature of the Dr. Mundo changes and how they could come at a cost to the top lane though. They want to strike a fine balance between both to open up his playstyle.

“In top playtests, he was pretty strong since the bonus AD calculates off E passive on max health,” developer ‘Pehrek’ said. “We’ll monitor live to see how he plays out, but the goal is that it doesn’t affect the top lane.”

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The developers are also expecting him to be significantly stronger later in the game with slight early game weaknesses, making holing up in the jungle and farming a storm a viable strategy for Dr. Mundo players.

You can find the full list of Dr. Mundo changes, planned for December’s LoL patch 12.23, below.

Dr. Mundo changes in LoL patch 12.23

Base stats

  • Attack damage per level: 3.5 ⇒ 3
  • Magic resist: 32 ⇒ 29
  • Magic resist per level: 2.05 ⇒ 2.3

Passive: Goes Where He Pleases

  • Cannister health loss: 7% current health ⇒ 3% current health
  • Cannister heal: 8% maximum health ⇒ 4% maximum health
  • Max health regen per 5 seconds: 0.8-1.6% ⇒ 0.4-2.5%
    • Equal at Level 11

Q: Infected Bonesaw

  • Health cost: 50 ⇒ 60

W: Heart Zapper

  • Health cost: 5% current health ⇒ 8% current health
  • Gray Health heal (no hit): 0% ⇒ 50%
  • Damage stored as gray health: 25/30/35/40/45% ⇒ 80-95% based on level in the first 0.75 seconds, then 25% thereafter
  • Duration: 4 seconds ⇒ 3 seconds

E: Blunt Force Trauma

  • Passive bonus AD: 15/20/25/30/35 + 25/30/35/40/45 based on missing health ⇒ 2.5/3/3.5/4/4.5% max health
  • Removed the ability to instantly kill small jungle monsters
  • Monster damage: 200% ⇒ 250%

R: Maximum Dosage

  • Removed bonus AD
  • Missing health as maximum health: 8/11.5/15% ⇒ 15/20/25%
  • [New] At Rank 3, both healing effects are increased by an additional 5% per nearby enemy champion