League dev confirms Dr Mundo changes to make tank “literally unkillable”

league of legends executioner dr mundo skinRiot Games

League of Legends’ resident mad scientist, Dr Mundo, has already received a pretty hefty rework, but it turns out Riot still aren’t happy with the state of the Madman of Zaun. 

As League of Legends continues to evolve, some of its oldest champions have been targeted for a fresh lick of paint to breathe new life into these ancient titans.

Characters such as nine-tailed fox, Ahri, and queen of the tempest, Janna, have recently undergone a series of reworks, with Quinn supposedly next on the hit list.

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Fellow top-laner, Dr Mundo, received a complete overhaul in Season 11, but it turns out that Riot still aren’t completely happy with his current state, and will be shipping some future changes to help him become the infamous villain that haunts Zaun’s streets.

league of legends lol dr mundo rework splash artRiot Games
Despite his formidable build and latent aggression, Mundo still isn’t quite as terrifying as Riot would like.

Riot confirm that Dr Mundo changes are coming

Associate Champion Designer Glenn ‘Twin Enso’ Anderson, the brainchild behind both Mundo and Sett, has confirmed that there will be changes to the Madman of Zaun that transform him into the one-man army we expected he would be.

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While Anderson notes “currently his low MMR win rate is extremely high (close to 54%) so we’re nerfing low MMR skewed stats,” he explains “long term we still hope to address his win rate with game time, but those are more sophisticated changes that need more time.”

“His game time stats aren’t necessarily unhealthy,” he clarifies, “just undesirable with the Mundo fantasy of being literally unkillable in late game.”

Concluding that, while it’s good that some champions do fall off as you rank up the ladder, he states “we didn’t intend for Mundo to be one of them.”

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While there’s no ETA on these changes, it seems like we’ll likely be waiting for quite a while. With Anderson noting that “we’re just doing patchwork for now,” we may only see the doctor call towards the end of Season 12.

Until then, if you’re playing at a higher level be sure to inhale some copium (or shimmer, whichever you prefer) and pray that your Mundo skills will get you through.

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