Bizarre LoL interaction lets players claim their own bounty in “broken” exploit

Liam Ho
Fright Night Renata Glasc Skin Splash Art

A League of Legends player has discovered a rather bizarre interaction between the champion Renata Glasc and the item Death’s Dance, allowing users to claim their shutdown bounty for themselves.

League of Legends is a pretty huge game. With over 160 champions, plenty of items, skins, and more, it can be pretty difficult to track every interaction between each entity within the game.

Even the smallest details can be abused to create absurdly strong and potentially game-breaking interactions. Oftentimes, these interactions have the potential to grant players a competitive advantage, making them dangerous to the integrity of League.

Unfortunately, it appears a new game-breaking interaction has been found involving the support champion Renata Glasc, the item Death’s Dance the shutdown bounty system.

League of Legends player discovers a way to claim their own bounty

Reddit user pekka-master reported that they were able to claim their own 700 gold bounty whilst playing Aatrox. The clip showcases Aatrox and his team taking mid-lane tower, with Renata using her W: Bailout to give Aatrox the bonus attack speed. Bailout also grants the player the ability to survive in a zombie form for a short period after dying, gaining a takedown in this form allows them to revive instead of fully dying.

When Aatrox eventually dies after the Bailout runs out, the player gains a 700 gold shutdown, and the banner shows Aatrox shutting down himself. Alongside this, the bounty is completely removed from the Aatrox player, denying gold from the enemy team.

Pekka-master has claimed that the combination of Renata Glasc’s W and Death’s Dance is the cause of this interaction. For those unaware, Death’s Dance converts a portion of damage taken into a damage over time effect. It is uncertain if the tower being destroyed or the fact the player was Aatrox had anything to do with this bizarre interaction occurring.

Many commenters have pointed out how “broken” this interaction is, and how it could break the game if not fixed in the near future.

However, one Redditor believes they understand why this has happened and presented their explanation.

“That doesn’t require Death’s Dance, it’s just a really shoddy bandaid to a previous bug where the same repro would result in Renata W not dealing killing damage if your killer had already despawned (usually happens 4s after the non-champion dies but turrets despawn immediately on death).

So now it kills you and attributes the kill credit to yourself instead to catch the edge case. This rewards no kill and gold exp (which may be why this was thought to be a ‘good’ solution to the previous bug at all), but unfortunately the bounty system is tacked on top of this differently so it cashes out the entire bounty to yourself.”

Riot is yet to respond to the situation, but given the nature of this bug, a fix will likely be brought in sooner rather than later.