Angry fan sends truck to LCK as DRX goes from winning Worlds to last place

Carver Fisher
Angry DRX fan calls truck outside LCK

A disgruntled DRX fan took a page out of T1 fans’ book and called in a billboard truck outside of LoL Park where the LCK takes place. The sign had messages berating the team’s coaching staff and claims that all DRX has left is “past glory”.

It’s hard to think of an organization that’s had a harder fall from grace than DRX. With everyone but BeryL leaving the team after they won Worlds in 2022, the team has since been unable to find an identity.

Despite some heroics from deokdam where he stepped in despite suffering from an injury and carried the team in Spring, the Summer split has taken the team from ninth place right to dead last.

One particularly passionate fan took after T1 fans that buy out billboard trucks to circle the arena and got a truck of his own to sit outside LoL Park, decrying DRX’s current state and standing in the LCK.

DRX fan sets up truck with scathing criticism for the LCK team

DRX’s Worlds 2022 run was a historic one. No team had ever won the event from Play-Ins, not to mention DRX was one loss away from not making it to Worlds at all. If Liiv SANDBOX won their set against the future Worlds-winners 3-2, they would have been South Korea’s fourth representative instead.

It’s no surprise that DRX’s Cinderella story netted them a ton of new fans, with people ready to root for the organization as they looked to build upon their legacy.

However, those who decided to hop on the DRX hype train have watched it derail over the course of 2023. Despite signing some big names to the team, they’ve failed to recapture the magic of their 2022 roster, and fans aren’t happy about it.

The billboard had several messages that rotated, decrying the coaching staff and management and saying that DRX’s “past glory” is all the team has left.

“There is no place for an incompetent Head Coach. Kim Mokkyeong (Micro) OUT.” one message reads. “The Head Coach, who hurriedly hides behind the players, should remember that his position is not a place to avoid responsibilities.” reads another.

It’s hard to argue against a need for change, considering DRX’s unprecedented fall from grace. It remains to be seen whether or not they can turn this downward spiral into a comeback like they have in the past, but clearly, players aren’t overly optimistic.

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