T1 LCK League match postponed after repeated DDOS attacks

Jacob Hale
T1 vs FearX in the LCK

The League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) match between T1 and FearX has been forced into postponement after being hit by continued DDOS attacks, preventing them from being able to finish their matches.

On February 28, the LCK released the following statement, mentioning the issues that had been ongoing since the prior weekend’s matches:

“The LCK would like to extend our sincere apologies once again to our fans, team officials, and viewers who were inconvenienced due to the DDoS attack incident on February 25th.

“We acknowledge that our inadequate response caused significant disruption to the ticket holders of the second match. We understand that the audience patiently waited until late hours to watch the match, only to experience confusion with the sudden decision to postpone the match. We apologize once again for this.”

The statement also specified that they expect more attacks as matches progress.

As the LCK expected, matches continued to be disrupted on February 28, however they chose to see through the first map of T1 vs FearX, but postponed game two to another date.

​​”After negotiations with the team, LCK has decided to run game one until completion even if the pauses continue,” they said. “Meanwhile, T1 vs FOX game two will be rescheduled to another date.”

At the time of writing, there is no confirmation of a rescheduled date.

The league released another statement hours later, saying that they will now only run pre-recorded matches on the broadcast and play matches off-camera.

“The LCK must unfortunately turn to pre-recorded matches for the remainder of this week in order to reduce the influence of continuous DDoS attacks,” the LCK posted on social media.

The league also said it would refund fans who purchased tickets for matches on Wednesday and Thursday.

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