TSM fans blast “weak” statement as org lays out plans for future in esports

Declan Mclaughlin

TSM fans have ripped into the company after it tried to reaffirm its commitment to esports in a Reddit post.

TSM, like many esports organizations, have been impacted by the esports winter and the greater gaming industry downturn. However, as one of the biggest esports brands in North America, many assumed it would bounce back after a time.

That does not seem to be the case so far in 2024 as TSM laid off its global head of social media on January 29. The worker revealed in his farewell post that the esports org was down to less than 10 employees after his departure.

TSM took to Reddit the next day to lay out its plans for esports to its fans, however, the fans have not been receptive.

TSM fans unforgiving toward esports org

In the Reddit post, TSM said it had seen the fan frustration and wanted to showcase what it plans to do in esports in 2024.

“Although we cannot share many of the finer details of our plans for the future, we can confirm that we are actively looking to participate in multiple Tier 1 esports including League of Legends, VALORANT, and Call of Duty. We are diligently working towards our goal of acquiring a League of Legends franchise slot in a Tier 1 region by the end of 2024,” the company’s statement said.

TSM also highlighted its recent reentrance into Rocket League esports. Fans, however, do not seem receptive to the news and many said the post seemed weak and too late.

“This is a pretty weak ass update, essentially no actual information at least go into a bit about why you failed to secure a spot in 2024 as promised previously or maybe what’s going on with your 8-person company. I think fans would have a lot more sympathy if there was any level of transparency,” one fan said.

“I find this statement so hard to take at face value somehow,” another fan wrote.

TSM was once considered the most valuable esports company in the world, but with the collapse of its big crypto sponsorship, layoffs, and CEO scandal it has lost a lot of its luster in the eyes of fans.

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