38 LPL & LDL players, coaches banned after historic LoL matchfixing scandal

Andrew Amos
LPL and LDL matchfixing bans 2021

38 players, coaches, and managers across the Chinese LPL and LDL leagues have been banned after a historic League of Legends match-fixing investigation. The instances of match-fixing happened across the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

A two-month investigation into widespread match-fixing in Chinese League of Legends has ended with over three dozens bans, and many more fines being handed down.

Three current LPL players, including FPX’s Zhou ‘Bo’ Yang-Bo and ThunderTalk Gaming’s Wang ‘Teeen’ Yao-Ji and Xiang ‘bless’ Yi-Tong, were caught up in the scandal.

Bo playing for FunPlus Phoenix
Bo was promoted to the LPL to cover for FPX’s Gao ‘Tian’ Tian-Ling during LPL Spring 2021.

“In the past two months, the LPL has launched anti-counterfeit gambling education and one-on-one investigations with all players, coaches, and training management of the 17 LPL teams,” Riot said in an April 22 statement.

The investigation launched in February 2021 after Bo reported himself to league officials for an instance of match-fixing in 2020 while he was on eStar Young.

The 19-year-old said he was coerced into the scheme by his coaches.

Numerous other players stepped forward to help Riot China with their investigation.

In total, 12 lifetime bans were handed down to six players, three coaches, and three managers. The rest of the suspensions varied from three months to 24 months.

An undisclosed number of fines and warnings were given out to other players and coaches.

The findings are the biggest in League of Legends history. Riot is now implementing new measures to help stem systemic match-fixing problems in China, putting the LDL on hold to do so.

The LPL is expected to continue as normal, after Royal Never Give Up won the Spring 2021 season to qualify for the Mid-Season Invitational 2021.

A full list of suspensions can be found below.

Name Team Ban Length
Zhou “zhs” Hong-Shuai SJ Gaming 3 months
He “705” Yu-Long Joy Dream 3 months
Luo “Duye” Wei-Jin Shu Dai Xiong Gaming 3 months
Yu “yanxiang” Yan-Xiang Shu Dai Xiong Gaming 3 months
Li “Self” Hao Royal Club 3 months
Li “Neet” Bo WZ Esports Club 3 months
Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo FunPlus Phoenix 4 months
Wang “Teeen” Yao-Ji ThunderTalk Gaming 4 months
Li “Sixsix9” Quan-Qiu WZ Esports Club 4 months
Chen “leiyu” Lei WZ Esports Club 6 months
Xiao “fuyao” Bao-Xin SJ Gaming 6 months
Long “Jz” Hang Kaisa Gaming 6 months
Huang “Humble” Min-Min TWELVE 6 months
Wang “Monster” Jia-Ming V5 87 6 months
Fan “TheFan” Jiang-Peng Shu Dai Xiong Gaming 6 months
Wang “Beichen” Zhu-Min Oh My Dream 8 months
Li “Lzc” Xi-An MAX 9 months
Fan “corbie” Yong-Long Kaisa Gaming 9 months
Zhang “ch1rry” Shi-Jie SJ Gaming 10 months
Xiang “bless” Yi-Tong ThunderTalk Gaming 12 months
Wang “Cherub” Jun-Jie ThunderTalk Gaming Young 12 months
Yang “Wisdomz” Dai-Zhi Invictus Gaming Young 13 months
Wan “Mint” Kun Victorious Gaming 15 months
Zhou “l3est16” Zhi-Li BLG Junior 17 months
Zhang “YTT” Wen-Yu MAX 18 months
Liu “Laofei” Peng MAX 24 months
Chen “L1n” Shi-Lin All Combo Lifetime ban
Jiang “Haonan” Dong-Ming Team Pinnacle Lifetime ban
Wang “Spunk” Zhi-Peng SJ Gaming Lifetime ban
Jiang “happygame” Hong-Li Kaisa Gaming Lifetime ban
Tian “MaiX” Mai WZ Esports Club Lifetime ban
Wang “WeiYan” Xiang Rogue Warriors Lifetime ban
Dong “Devi1” Zhi-Hao V5 87 Lifetime ban
Fan “Q1uShu1” Xiao-Nan BLG Junior Lifetime ban
Yuan Hao-Chen eStar Young Lifetime ban
Jin “JINZHONGBI” Zhong-Bi Invictus Gaming Young Lifetime ban
Zhang “wxy97” Xuan-Ming Kaisa Gaming Lifetime ban
Wen “Feng” Ming-Feng Rogue Warriors Shark Lifetime ban