Astralis respond after LoL pro Promisq tells ranked teammate to “get cancer”

Jacob Hale
Astralis Promisq LEC 2021
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Astralis have had to make a public statement after leaked screenshots show Support player Hampus ‘promisq’ Abrahamsson telling a ranked teammate to “get cancer.”

Promisq has been competing since 2015 and represented major organizations such as G2 Esports, Paris Saint-Germain, Schalke 04 and, of course, Astralis.

The Swede joined Astralis in November 2020 ahead of the 2021 LEC season, with the side coming in 9th place in the Spring Split and failing to make Playoffs.

Obviously looking to keep on top of his game ahead of the Summer Split, promisq was playing ranked, but started displaying toxicity to his teammates.

Astralis promisq
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Promisq’s Astralis have a lot to work on heading into the latter half of 2021.

On April 15, Twitter user Adam Harney tweeted two screenshots of conversations he had with promisq in their matches, and it was a bad look for the player.

He initially threatened to ban the champion that Harney wanted to use as well as “run it down,” or simply throw the game and give the opponents a free win.

This then escalated, with promisq privately DM’ing Harney saying: “Hope u [sic] get cancer that’s all. Have a good day!” This came after Harney sent promisq a message simply asking what his problem was.

Astralis releases statement

On April 16, around 24 hours after the screenshots were initially shared online, Astralis released a statement confirming that they were aware of the issue and it will be handled.

The statement reads: “We are aware of the current situation with Hampus ‘promisq’ Abrahamsson regarding his recent behavior and use of profanities online. It is a matter we take very seriously. At Astralis, we condemn such behavior, which does not live up to our values and company culture.”

It goes on to state that the players are currently on a break, and that they are “handling the matter internally.”

Promisq hasn’t yet responded to the issue or made a public statement.