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Kingdom Hearts 3: Where to find Damascus material

Published: 30/Jan/2019 19:58 Updated: 30/Jan/2019 20:15

by Bill Cooney


There are a ton of things to collect, find and unlock in Kingdom Hearts 3, but the unique Damascus material can be some of the trickiest to track down in the entire game.

Damascus material is used to upgrade a player’s Keyblades in the Workshop throughout the game.


Players will want to hang on to whatever Damascus material they’re able to come across because it’s one of the rarer materials in the game.

So far, the Olympus and Twilight Town areas don’t seem to have Damascus anywhere to be found, however, it has been found in chests in the following worlds so far:


  • Corona
  • Monstropolis
  • Arendelle

There is, however, a quick and easy way to farm Damascus in Kingdom Hearts 3 using the Gummi Ship.

If players head to the Misty Stream in their Gummi Ship they’ll find a Treasure Sphere that has three Damascus Material in it.


Square Enix/Polygon

Shooting the rocks in the area around the sphere can also sometimes drop Damascus, so by landing on the planet, leaving, then returning, players should be able to steadily harvest the material.


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