Adin Ross’s boxing events shut down after fighter suffers brain damage

Michael Gwilliam
adin ross streaming on kick

Kick streamer Adin Ross’s ‘Brand Risk’ boxing events have been shut down by The Florida Boxing Commission, but he has a plan.

Adin Ross has been hosting boxing matches on his Kick channel, but his March 23 event caused some big problems for the streamer that resulted in his fights getting banned by the state of Florida.

According to the 23-year-old, a fighter suffered a serious injury during his last event – and as a result, he’s no longer allowed to host boxing matches in Florida.

“One of those fat f**ks got like, brain damage and complained. Maybe not complained, but like, the commission, they basically got mad,” Ross explained. “We cannot do boxing [anymore].”

(Segment begins at 26:19)

However, the streamer has a backup plan in place and is letting his viewers decide how his events will evolve from one combat sport to another.

“We can either do MMA or we can do kickboxing,” Ross revealed. “I think we should do kickboxing, because MMA is going to be a little bit harder to train and it’s gonna take more time. And I have to literally build an octagon.”

Ross added that kickboxing would also allow for his events to be run in the exact same format as before, but will allow fighters to kick and knee each other, as well.

The Kick star says he he plans to run a couple of kickboxing events before transitioning to MMA, or even running both and hosting two events a month.

That’s not all; Adin also claimed that his ultimate goal for his MMA events is to eventually join forces with UFC President Dana White.

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