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Hyper Scape

When is the Hyper Scape closed beta coming out? How to get access

Published: 30/Jun/2020 7:18

by Brad Norton


Ubisoft appears to be gearing up for a major unveiling of its next AAA FPS Battle Royale title, Hyper Scape. Before the big reveal, however, here’s everything you need to know about the alleged Open Beta coming soon.

Early information has indicated that Hyper Scape will be a free-to-play Battle Royale that spans across PC and consoles. The “fast-paced” FPS may have already been in the works for quite some time as gameplay is expected to be unveiled very soon and a full release could be imminent.

While little is know about how the game will play, it looks like we won’t have to wait long for new information. Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau reported that the game is set to go live on July 12. Before then, players can expect a brief Closed Beta period.


If you’re eagerly anticipating a new battle royale to get stuck into, here’s how you can be one of the first people in the world to try out Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape.

When is the Hyper Scape Closed Beta?

Hyper Scape screenshot
Hyper Scape is reportedly Ubisoft’s AAA take on the mega-popular Battle Royale genre.

While no solid date is set in stone for the Closed Beta, we have a rough idea of when it might go live. According to Slasher, the futuristic shooter will be opening to a select batch of players “next week.” Given the Open Beta could be releasing on July 12, this leaves a small window for the Closed Beta between July 5 and July 11.

“Hundreds” of content creators and popular streamers have allegedly already been invited to test out the game, with the first gameplay coming on July 2. Therefore, it seems likely that many of these big names will also gain access to the Closed Beta as well.


How to access the Hyper Scape Closed Beta

There has been no official word on how players will gain access to this early glimpse at Hyper Scape. Though a website from fictional technology company ‘Prisma Dimensions’ could be the key. Through this website, you’re able to provide your email address and link your Ubisoft account.

Hyper Scape sign up
The message that will arrive upon signing up to experience Hyper Scape.

It doesn’t appear as though this sign-up will guarantee access, however. Once you’re registered, you should receive an email that outlines your “chance” to be involved in the first testing experience. It also seems likely that this initial test will be limited to PC only. As the full console launch is expected to arrive “later this year,” according to Slasher.


Only time will tell just how big of an impact Hyper Scape will have on the Battle Royale market. Though anxious gamers won’t have to wait long. Even if you miss out on the Closed Beta, the Open Beta is expected to hit on July 12.