Helldivers 2 datamine leak unearths new Illuminate enemies and stratagems

Brianna Reeves
Helldivers 2 illuminate

Datamined Helldivers 2 files have allegedly revealed Illuminate enemy types and new stratagems that may eventually arrive in-game.

Despite rumors and several teases from developers, there’s no concrete information on what Helldivers 2’s future content rollouts will entail.

One such rumor claims the Illuminate faction from the first game will return for the newly released sequel. Meanwhile, new teases from Helldivers 2’s Game Director, Johan Pilestedt, point to the potential addition of extra customization options and stealth-based mechanics.

Thanks to one player’s recent datamining efforts, more information about what developer Arrowhead has planned may have just surfaced.

Helldivers 2 datamine hints at potential Illuminate enemies

After digging through the game files for Helldivers 2, user stodal shared their findings on the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit. Notably, the long-rumored Illuminate faction garners mention in the leak.

According to the dataminer, the files revealed the following as Illuminate enemy types: Adept (can call for allies), Ghoul, Illusionist (can fire projectiles and force choke victims), Obelisk Fire, Outcast, Pathfinder, and Summoner.

The datamine further reveals several unused stratagems, including a “Nuke,” “MiniMissiles,” and a “MedicBackpack.” Reportedly, the Helldivers 2 datamine even features files named “DropoffCombatWalker.” As Redditors noted in the comments, Pilestedt previously confirmed CombatWalker as the codename for mechs expected to launch in a future update.

Apart from the mechs and suspected Illuminate addition, there’s nothing to suggest that any of the above will actually see the light of day in Helldivers 2.

Regardless, players pouring over the leaked information can’t help but beam with excitement about the possibilities. For instance, based on content from the first Helldivers, one Redditor posits the “BugThumper” may constitute a new form of the Distractor Beacon Stratagem.

There’s no telling if and when Arrowhead plans on offering more details about the datamined content and ongoing fan theories.

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