Twitch streamer loses it after unlucky Hearthstone loss

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Everyone comes across brutal gaming defeats in their time, however, Twitch streamer SilverName’s anger embodies the pain of a classic last minute Hearthstone loss. 

It doesn’t matter what game it is, sometimes a crushing defeat is around the corner, that’s just the way it goes in the heat of battle. Whether it’s annoying Tekken combos or Mario Kart projectiles, losing is a learning experience. At least that is what winners tell their defeated rivals.

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There are times when the defeat is too much. The rage heats up to intense temperatures and you just have to let it out.

In the case of SilverName, he had clearly reached his boiling point after an unlucky loss on stream.

HearthstoneBlizzard Entertainment
Hearthstone is no stranger to high temper gameplay.

Is the chair okay?

Vladislav ‘SilverName’ Sinotov is well respected within the Hearthstone community. Playing with Team Spirit, the streamer has bagged two first-place wins in his professional career. With over $150,000 earned in winnings, Sinotov’s is still grinding it out for some precious victories.

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Until that time comes around, Sinotov is still streaming his Hearthstone adventures over on Twitch, but it isn’t just his skill that viewers are tuning for though.

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After being subjected to a wicked game-ending blow, Sinotov’s emotions compelled him to consult his chair on the matter. Strike after strike, the streamer subjected his chair to some ferocious blasts before taking a minute to cool off. However, when he returned, he wasnt’ finished. He swapped his fists for his feet and gave the chair a bit of a kick too.

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With his head firmly planted in the game, the snap back to reality isn’t always smooth and Sinotov shook his hand, clearly in a bit of pain.

Yet, it’s the chair that may never recover. It suffered some truly big blows.

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